Growth Stages of Sunflower, Life Cycle

Growth Stages of Sunflower, Life Cycle

Growth stages of sunflower, life cycle. It is how the sunflower grows from the seed up to flowering stages. The sunflower growth is significant to know, especially for those growing this kind of flower.

When you see the sunflower’s growth and development from seed up to its mature stage, you will be informed well on how it is growing, giving extra knowledge. So let’s dig up on the growth stages of sunflowers.

Stage 1: Sunflower Seed

Thy first growth stages of sunflowers are in the form of a seed. In this stage, still, nothing happens, no sign of germination or any activity about the plant. The sunflower seed characteristics are very small with pointed tips on both edges, color black with a smooth texture, and no odor or less in smell.

The sunflower seed will be considered the stage beginning because it is where the plants grow and develop. Also, most of the plants have seeds, where they start their journey.

Stage 2: Germinating

Germinating is the second stage. The seed grows a tiny root. Usually, the sunflower seeds germinate around 5 to 10 days. In this stage, the journey of the plant was started.

The sunflower growers need to pick or buy quality seeds to have a high percentage of germination. But it will not also depend on what kind of seeds you have. You also need to apply the strategy used to germinate and grow sunflowers.

One example of strategy or technique is soaking it under the water for 12 to 24 hours. Then put it on a cloth or tissue paper inside a closed zip bag. And after a few days, you will see a good percentage of germination. Usually, you will see the white root in one to two days. The root grows immediately—overall, this stage is about root development.

Stage 3: Sunflower Seedlings

In this stage, the sunflower seeds develop into a seedling. A seedling grows roots and appears few leaves, and it also has a smooth stem. It is about two to three weeks old.

The seedlings need to care for because it is very small, and some animals like chicken or ducks might destroy them. It is essential to place it in a safe place. When you do this, the sunflower grows very well.

You also need to apply a very small amount of water since it’s very small. Too much water should be avoided. Also, always protect your plants at all times so that you will see the best growth. This stage is both about root and leaf development.

Stage 4: Young Plant

In this growth stage, it is developed into a young plant. A young plant grows more leaves, roots, and stems. A young sunflower plant grows tall with about a meter in height.

When the sunflower develops into a young plant, it needs adequate water. The water will help to grow it bigger. Also, sunflowers love sunlight to produce their food through photosynthesis. It needs at least 6 hours of a direct hit of the sun.

You also need to start applying fertilizer. The fertilizer will help to grow it well. You can apply inorganic fertilizer, but it is recommended to use organic fertilizer since it is eco-friendly and has no chemical content. Organic ones are the best for our environment. It is excellent to know the growth stages of sunflowers.

Stage 5: Mature Plant

The plant continues to grow well. The plant develops more leaves, stems, and roots during this stage. Those parts are hardening and can be able to start blooming. The plant is prepared and ready.

The leaves are thicker, the stem is more prominent, and the routes are becoming more and longer. You need to apply the requirements of the plants for them to grow much better.

It needs more water and organic fertilizer. You can also put some mulch to maintain its moisture. It will prevent the water from evaporating, which will have the plants. But it would help if you also were a reasonable observer. Don’t let the soil be too moist to prevent root rot.

Stage 6 : Blooming

The sunflower plants started to bloom in this stage. The beautiful yellow flowers began to appear. During this time, the plant is already three to four months old.

There are many sunflower varieties. There are small ones and also giant ones. But they are the same, and they need enough water, sunlight, and fertilizer. A, removing the weeds around the plant will help so that the nutrients will not be stolen by them and consumed only by the plants.

It is one of the best stages since it is a flower, and it is delightful to see your plants start to bloom. It is a stress reliever and will make you happy even more. Growing bunches of sunflowers at home it’s very relaxing. This stage is about flower development.

Stage 7: Drying Phase

In this stage, the plants and flowers turn brown and dry. The flower will fall and then dry.

Stage 8: Decaying

The plants are decaying, but you can use the seeds again to replant. You can get seeds on the dried flowers. You need to prepare your seeds and grow new plants again. There are many seeds which you can use again and again.

Thank you for reading this article about the growth stages of sunflowers.