sunflower leaves curling

Causes Why Do Sunflower Leaves Curl

There are many kinds of flowers that you can grow in your garden. Flowers are amazing to see especially when they produce colorful and beautiful flowers. One example of a flower is a sunflower. There are many people growing sunflowers in their garden. But growing this one is sometimes challenging because there are some problems […]

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sunflowers with multiple blooms

9 Sunflowers With Multiple Blooms

Sunflowers are beautiful, aren’t they? If you are a flower lover you will probably grow sunflowers in your garden. If you really know this plant, there are single-headed and multi-headed sunflower varieties. Single-headed sunflowers are great to grow, but for a couple of reasons, some people prefer to grow multi-headed varieties. So if you are […]

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How Many Flowers Per Sunflower Plant?

How many flowers per sunflower plant? Sunflowers are beautiful to behold. It makes the surroundings wonderful because the flowers are colorful and they are mesmerizing. Growing sunflower plants in the garden will absolutely make you happy. Seeing a lot of flowers every day will affect your mood. Growing flowers relieve stress and make the environment […]

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Why Do Sunflower Leaves Turn Yellow?

Why do sunflower leaves turn yellow? Flowers are beautiful to behold. It will make people happy because the surroundings become great to watch. When you have a sunflower garden there are times that some of your plants will have a problem. You need to fix the problem as soon as possible so that the plants […]

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