Does Calamansi Tree Have Thorns?

does calamansi tree have thorns

The calamansi tree belongs to a citrus family. It produces fruit that tastes sour. There are many uses for the fruit. It can be use to make fruit juices or mix on some foods to have a better taste. The calamansi tree can be grown at home and gives you a lot of fruits. But does calamansi tree have thorns?

About The Thorns

There are trees that have thorns on their bark and branches. Commonly citrus tree have those thorns. Some of them are limes, oranges, lemons, etc. Not all citrus have thorns, some of them don’t have. But the thorn can be one of the sign that you have a citrus tree.

Does Calamansi Tree Have Thorns?

Yes, calamansi tree have thorns. The thorns can grow around 0.5 inch to 2 inches long (1.3 to 5 cm). Those are sharp and grows on the bark and branches. They are color green when young and turns brown as grows older. The younger thorns are quite small and easy to break while older one is hard.

Those thorns protect the tree. It is a good defensive tool for them. When there are animals that eat leaves, those pointed sharp thorn protect themselves. They can grow and live longer because of those thing.

When you are harvesting calamansi fruit, you need to be careful so that you will not be hurt by those thorns. If you grow standard calamansi tree, you can use ladder to pick those fruits. The fruits are just small compare to lemons and limes. But even though they are small they taste sour. They also contains vitamin c. People loves vitamin c because it can help to have a strong immune system.

You can see many thorns around the calamansi tree and it is normal. But there are times that some of the branches don’t have it. Those things are part of the trees growth. Every trees have something unique about them.

Knowing if does calamansi tree have thorns is a good thing to know. It gives people an idea about the tree. There are many kinds of tree and some of them have similarities. Few of them are really lookalike.

Can you cut calamansi thorns? Yes you can cut them but it is better if you just leave them on the tree. Let them grow and what you need to do is just be careful when you are harvesting the fruits. Also don’t cut them so that they will be safe from the animals. Animals will not go to the tree when they see lots of thorn. They can be safer even you are far from the tree. The fruits are commonly grow on the top of the branches and you can easily avoid those sharp thorns.

The standard tree grows taller and the dwarf grows shorter. Both of them can have thorns on their trunk and branches. But even they have it, there will be no problem on growing them. You just need to give them enough water, fertilizer and place where the sun shines.

Those are some informations about does calamansi tree have thorns? It is a good idea to be familiar with the tree and know how to use its fruits. Growing trees on your backyard will give you lots of fruit for years to come.