Do Mango Trees Lose Their Leaves?

do mango trees lose their leaves

The mango trees love more sunlight. When they receive enough sunlight they grow bigger and healthier. You will notice that when the tree gets more sunlight it has a bigger size trunk, branches, more flowers, fruits, and more green leafy leaves. The leaves process the sunlight and convert it into food. But,

Do Mango Trees Lose Their Leaves?

No, mango trees do not lose their leaves. Mangoes belong to evergreen trees. They don’t shed their leaves during winter and they stay on the tree. The leaves of mangoes are light green when young and dark green when older. But too old leaves turn yellow and brown that causing them to lose or drop.

The leaves of mango are long thin oblong light to dark green and have a pointed tip. It has also a length of around 15 to 16 inches long (38 to 40 cm). The leaves grow on the branches. When the tree grows more leaves it becomes bigger. It grows well in tropical climates and needs more sunlight. Plant this tree in an open area where it can receive abundant sunlight.

Mangoes are evergreen and not deciduous. What is the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees? The evergreen tree does not shed its leaves. It means that they do not drop or lose their leaves. While the deciduous tree is losing or dropping their leaves, especially during winter.

What Causes For Mango Tree Leaves Lose?

Do mango trees lose their leaves? Yes, mango trees lose their leaves because of some factors. The first one is its old leaves.

The mango tree leaves will lose when they are too old. The leaves grow from small until it grows bigger. It is light green when young and becomes dark green as it matures. But it doesn’t stop there. As soon as the leaves reach their maximum growth, they started turning yellow. It is normal to see a few yellow leaves on your tree because they are old. And after a few days or week, the yellow leaves turn brown and drops after. That is a reason why the mango leaves lose.

Too much wind can also cause the leaves to lose. Weather changes and it can affect the tree. When there is a strong wind, the tree might lose some of its leaves even if they are green in color. It might lose from the branches and fall to the ground.

Do mango trees lose their leaves? Yes, and diseases might be the cause. Some diseases like Verticillium wilt, Anthracnose, Powdery Mildew, and Alga Spot might cause mango leaves to lose. You need to control them to prevent any damage. The treatment for those diseases is by using fungicides. There are specific fungicides for those diseases.

Also, over-fertilizing can cause your mango tree to lose leaves. Some people put more fertilizer so that their trees produce more fruits but it is not good. You need to give just enough nutrients and the leaves will not lose and will also give you the fruits that you want.

Do mango trees lose their leaves? Yes, and it might be over or lack of watering is the cause. Too much water can’t be handled by the tree and they might be stressed. Also, lack of water will make tree temperature increase. The tree needs water but you need to be careful on giving them. Just give them the right level of water to grow well and healthy. In that way, mangoes will not lose their leaves.