Do Mango Trees Have Thorns?

do mango trees have thorns

Mango Tree produces sweet fruits. It is delicious to eat. There are many recipes you can cook using mango. It have a great taste but also contains many vitamins and mineral. It is very awesome to have mango tree growing in the backyard. Some people don’t know the looks of this tree. But do mango trees have thorns?

No, mango trees don’t have thorns. Its bark and branches are brown to dark brown color. It have a rough texture skin. The trunks and branches of it are small when young and becomes bigger as grow old. But even young or even mature, mango trees naturally don’t develop thorns.

The trunk of the mangoes are color green when they are just a seedling. It is smooth for a couple of days or weeks of growing. But as times goes by it becomes bigger and the color changes. From light-green to dark-green to brown and dark brown. The texture of it also changes from smooth to rough. Even though the trunk changes in size and even in color, mango tree don’t grow or develop thorns.

Mango trees don’t have branches on its few days and weeks of growing, even few months. But as it grows older, the branches on the tree starts to develop. It is light-green to dark green on its young age and changes in color to brown and dark brown. The same with trunk it is smooth when young and gets rough when older. Do mango trees have thorns on branches? Well it doesn’t have. It normally don’t grow even a single or small thorn.

Commonly we see thorns on citrus trees. They are naturally growing thorns on their bark and branches. They have the capability of growing short or even longer thorns but not with the mangoes. Mango tree don’t have the ability to grow even a little one.

But what if you see a little one some thing looks like a thorn on mango? Well if you see a thorn on a mango tree possibly its a branch part left. There are cases that people do pruning on the tree. And some part of the branches are left on the bark and its look like a thorn but it is not.

The tree loves sunlight and it grows well. Atleast 6 hours of direct sunlight is needed for it to grow. It becomes bigger as times goes by. But even it grows way bigger, it will not grow thorns. From the bark, branches, leaves, flower, fruit you will not see either one. Mango trees are not citrus. They are different and not with the same family.

There are many citrus trees varieties that grows thorn. The tree uses it as a protection to animals so that they not eat them. But even mangoes don’t have thorn you can still protect and care them.

Those are some informations about do mango trees have thorns. This tree is amazing and produces bunch of fruit. It taste sweet and will make you healthy.