Are Peach Trees Easy To Grow?

are peach trees easy to grow

Peach trees produces sweet fruits. It is delicious to eat. It have some nutrients like fiber about 2 grams, vitamin A 10%, vitamin C 17%, etc. for every 150 grams. Those nutrients are good for the body. Before the tree produces fruit, you need first grow a tree.

Are Peach Trees Easy To Grow?

No, peach trees are not easy to grow. The tree takes 2 to 4 years before it bears fruit. There are insect pests and diseases that might attack the tree. Also a cold climate is needed for chilling. Another thing is growing peach trees from seed need stratification process to germinate.

Growing peach trees for the first time will not be easy for beginners. This is because being new on something that you didn’t do, will not be easy at the start. But when you started knowing about a specific thing like growing peach trees, slowly you will be aware of what are the factors to consider.


Germinating peach seeds is not easy. It needs stratification process before it produce roots. Stratification is a process where the seeds must be placed in a cold temperature to germinate. The seed of peach belongs to species that have embryonic dormancy. The dormancy period must be break so that seeds will germinate and the stratification is need in this matter.

Are peach trees easy to grow? Peach trees are not easy to grow compare to other trees. Some trees doesn’t require stratification. They can be planted on the ground and will germinate after few weeks. But there are methods that can be used to achieve stratification and grow peaches from seed such as; snow planting, refrigeration, cold water soaking, outdoor treatment, winter sowing and fall planting.

The most commonly used way is the refrigeration. To do this is you need a plastic bag, moist soil, refrigerator and peach seeds. First, place the moist soil inside the plastic bag and also the peach seeds. Make sure that the plastic bag are not sealed. Next, put the plastic bag inside the refrigerator. Then, watch out after a month if the seeds are germinating. The seeds might produce roots between one to three months. Finally, when the roots are already grow, you can plant it on a pot and when it grows bigger transplant it on the ground. Also if you want to grow it on a container, pick those natural dwarf varieties.


The peach trees are not easy to grow because of pest. There are some insect pest that you might encounter some of those are peach borer, stink bugs, plant bugs, plum curculio, leafhoppers, white peach scale, mites, aphids, shothole borer, peach twig borer, prune limb and American plum borer. But the most common treatment for these pest is insecticides or pesticides. Those are some info if are peach trees easy to grow.

Diseases and Problems

The peach trees are not easy to grow because there are some diseases that attack the tree. Some of the diseases of peach tree are; yellow leaves, leaf curl, (unnaturally leaves turning red, orange, brown, white, leaves), flowers and fruits are dropping, powdery mildew, bacterial spot, peach scab and brown rot.

There are ways on how to treat those diseases and problems like applying fungicides, horticulture oil, application of fertilizer and many other solutions depends upon o what is the problem of the tree.

Also the frost is a problem. You need to pick varieties that can survive winter. Choose those hard one.

Are Peach Trees Fast Growing?

No, peach trees are not fast growing. The peach trees takes around 2 to 4 years to grow and bear fruits. It takes sometime before you can see it blooms and produce fruits.

But most of the trees are not fast growing. They take years to bear fruits. The best way to grow peach trees faster is to buy grown seedlings from the nursery. In this way you don’t need to wait for the seeds to germinate instead you will buy for the grown ones. Also in this way it will lessen the time of waiting before you see an actual fruits.

Also if you want it to grow way faster you need to take care of your tree. It needs some nutrients to grow bigger, produce flowers and fruits. Another thing is when there are pest and diseases on the tree you need to treat it as fast as you could or you prevent them as early as possible.

Are Peach Trees Hard To Grow?

Growing peach trees is quite difficult because of some factors. Staring from germination will takes about one to three months and you need to apply stratification process where the seed is expose to cold temperature. Also some pest and diseases might attack the tree and you need to apply treatment.

But if you already know these things, it will be easier for you to grow peaches. You need to pick peach varieties that are suitable for the climate in your location. You shouldn’t pick those species that will not grow well in your area.

Those are some informations about are peach trees easy to grow. It seems that growing peach trees will not be as easy but there are many ways to make it better. After a few years you will have fresh and delicious fruits.