Are Peach Trees Deer Resistant?

are peach trees deer resistant

Peach trees are lovely. They produce beautiful flowers during flowering season and then turn into fruit. When the harvest season came and the fruits ripe, it taste sweet when you eat. But growing trees is not that easy. Some animals might destroy and damage them like deer.

Are peach trees deer resistant?

No, peach trees are not deer resistant. When the tree have no fence or repellent, deer might destroy the tree by eating the leaves, small twigs and fruits. The antler can also be use to break and damage the trunk. Peach trees are not safe from deer.

Growing peach trees at home gives many benefits like source of fruits, it gives vitamins and minerals, make people happy, etc. But sometimes its challenging because of some treat like animals.

Does Deer Eat Peach Trees?

What parts of peach tree do deer eats? The deer eats the leaves, twigs and fruits of the tree. They like green leafy leaves. Since the deer are tall, they can easily reach it and eat at the same time. When they are hungry lots of leaves might be eaten and the tree will be in not good situations.

Some twigs are also eaten by the deer. They are strong enough to chew and break the twigs. This is not good because it they might damage most part of the tree.

Another thing is the fruit. Deer can also eat the fruit. When the fruit are on the lower level and they easily reach, they might eat it. But for those on the higher part, they might not reach them.

Also the trunk is not in good situation when the deer use its antler to strike it. They are strong and can destroy the tree easily. It will cause some damages to the trunk. Those are some reasons about are peach trees deer resistant.

How to Protect Peaches From Deer?

To protect peaches from deer put fence. The fence will serve as a guard of the tree. The deer can jump but a fence with a height of 6 to 8 feet is great to prevent them damaging your peaches.

The fence is a great tool to use to make sure your tree are safe. Using this method will make you feel more comfortable and not worrying about them. There are types of fence that you can use like woven wire, or electric fence. Those are good to use. But it also need to be consider the price since electric wire fence is a little bit pricey.

Aside from fence you can also use repellents to control deers from destroying peach trees. Repellents can also plays an important role to prevent them. Some of the repellents can be found at home and others can be buy from the store. Here are some examples of repellents to control deer; Capsaicin, Tetramethylthiuram, Disulfide, Ammonium soaps, hair and bar soap, garlic, pepper sprays and eggs. The repellents are use to spray on the leaves, tree, or on the ground. It depends upon on what kind of repellents you are going to use. Its good to know if are peach trees deer resistant.

Why You Need To Prevent Deer Coming To Your Growing Tree?

You need to keep away deer from your growing trees because it may cause damages. They can destroy the whole part of the tree and it will makes hard for the tree to grow well. The tree can recover if the damages are little but if it do a lot of damages, the tree might hard to recover or maybe not recover at all. So that is the reason why you need keep away deer from trees.

Protecting Dwarf Peach Varieties From the Deer

Dwarf varieties can be grown inside the container. Since containers can be move, you can put those near your house where it is safe from the deer but an area where it can still gets sunlight to make its food. Dwarf varieties are small and deer can easily reach them. If your house is surrounded by fence then the tree will be fine.

What Plants Can be Use To Protect Peach Trees From Deer?

There are plants that deer dont like. These plants are useful to protect your peaches. Since they hate these plants, you can grow it near your tree. Some of the plants that deer don’t like are lavender, chives, garlic, and catmint. It will keep deer away because of its aromas. Asking about are peach trees deer resistant will be easy especially for those who experience growing tree and they encounter deer.

Help Peach Trees To Recover From Deer Damage

You can help the tree to recover by pruning those damage area like twigs. Leaves can grow after few weeks. Remove damage fruits. Also you can put protection to prevent deer destroying your tree again.

So are peach trees deer resistant, no and that is the reason tree guards are important to implement. Without protection deer might destroy your growing tree. The good thing is there are choices to pick and use to protect them.