9 Sunflowers With Multiple Blooms

Sunflowers are beautiful, aren’t they? If you are a flower lover you will probably grow sunflowers in your garden.

If you really know this plant, there are single-headed and multi-headed sunflower varieties. Single-headed sunflowers are great to grow, but for a couple of reasons, some people prefer to grow multi-headed varieties.

So if you are looking for sunflower varieties that are producing multiple blooms, then here are some 9 lists.

Sunflowers With Multiple Blooms

King Kong Sunflowers

If you are looking for giant sunflowers then why not try growing king kong sunflowers. This is one variety that can produce multi flowers. It grows tall and can surpass the height of an average human.

King Kong sunflowers are hybrid varieties. Since they are growing so tall you can easily see colorful sunflowers even if you are a little bit far.

This plant also has a lot of foliage but it doesn’t matter. The flowers will still be a highlight on the top of the plant.

Maximilian Prairie Sunflowers

This flower has small petals and doesn’t grow that tall like giant sunflowers. It has small foliages but it will swing when the wind comes.

When you grow this plant, it will produce many flowers and they are beautiful when you observe them. The blooms are yellow but they are not so big compared to other varieties.

If you like flowers with small petals then try growing Maximilian sunflowers. This will make your garden beautiful and stunning because each plant will produce multi blooms.

Irish Eyes Sunflowers

If you are looking for sunflowers that have big flowers and are growing multiple heads, then try growing Irish eyes sunflower.

This variety doesn’t grow tall and they are perfect, especially in a garden with small spacing.

Dwarf sunflower varieties like this one are quite popular for some people because they love small plants.

For some of them, it’s quite easy to care for and they will make a beautiful garden. A lot of colorful flowers are beautiful to see especially when they can be seen in the surroundings.

Suntastic Yellow Sunflowers

This one is a dwarf sunflower variety that can produce 5 to 8 flowers per plant but sometimes it can grow as many as 20 sunflowers on a single plant.

Since it can grow 5 to 8 blooms, if you are going to grow 20 Suntastic yellow sunflowers, you can see around 100 to 160 sunflowers all in all.

There are a lot of flowers to have in your garden and they grow on small plants. Another thing is each flower has a big-blown or black center which makes the flower more attractive.

If you can see seeds of this flower in the garden centers, nurseries, or even online stores, why not try buying seeds to start making a flower garden.

Choco Sun Sunflowers

Choco sun flowers don’t grow so tall because they are dwarf varieties. It is one of those varieties that produce blooms quickly.

You will see flowers on the plants in just 11-12 weeks. The flowers are big and beautiful with brown to black centers.

This plant also produces multi-blooms and if you like short sunflower plants try growing this one at home.

You can grow this in the garden soil or if you want to grow this sunflower in a pot or container you can do it too.

This sunflower has choco on its name but its color is not like chocolate. It is still yellow but has a brown to black center.

Chocolate Sunflower

If you are looking for a rare flower with a chocolate color then try growing this one. Chocolate sunflowers are totally different from other sunflower varieties.

Most sunflowers are colored yellow but this one is not. The color of the flower of this plant is like chocolate. It is brown to dark brown with red in its petals which is impressive.

It is rare to see this kind of flower because most flowers are colored yellow, red, orange, etc., and it’s unusual to see brown flowers.

We usually see brown flowers when they are dry but this flower is totally different. 

Solar Flash Sunflowers

This sunflower variety is also different from other varieties. It is beautiful because of its color.

When you see the flowers it has a black center and the petals have two colors. The petals that are connected to the center are quite reddish in color while the other side is yellow.

Most of the petals of sunflowers have one color and most of the time it’s only yellow but this one has two which is beautiful.

If you are looking for multi-headed dwarf sunflowers then try growing this one to make your surroundings more beautiful.

Hallo Sunflowers

If you are looking for sunflowers with multiple blooms then why not try growing hallo sunflowers. 

This plant is producing excellent and beautiful flowers. You will probably love it when a single plant grows multi heads.

Hallo sunflower is just one of those plants that grow more blooms per plant.

It is quite similar to other varieties with yellow petals and a black round center.

Wild Sunflowers

If you want to have a different variety of flowers, then try wild sunflowers. This plant produces multi branches and on each branch, there will be one or more flowers that will grow.

The flowers of this plant are beautiful. The flowers are not quite growing so big but they are beautiful to observe especially if you are walking nearby the plants.

You can capture their beautiful appearance using your camera or even with the use of a phone’s camera.


There are many sunflower varieties that grow multiple blooms. Those are some examples that grow multi branches and if you know where to get seeds of some of those flowers you can actually start making your garden.

Most multi-headed sunflowers grow long-lasting and they will continue to grow after they flower and will produce flowers again eventually which is different compared to annual flowers which stop growing after they produce flowers.