Why Do Avocado Leaves Turn Yellow?

why do avocado leaves turn yellow

Why do avocado leaves turn yellow? Growing avocado trees takes time before they produce fruits. That is why it is frustrating to see the tree is facing some problems like having yellow leaves.

You need to figure out the real cause because if the problem gets worse, it will affect the overall growth of the tree. When the problem is fixed, the tree will grow much better and you will see a lot of flowers and fruits on the tree very soon.

Why Do Avocado Leaves Turn Yellow?

Some of the reasons why avocado leaves turn yellow are; watering problems, damaged roots, lacking sunlight, lack of nutrients, aging leaves, pests, and diseases.

Those are the possible reasons why you see a few or a lot of yellowing leaves. You need to analyze and observe the tree so you can apply the best solution.

Avocado Tree Is Lacking Sunlight

Avocado trees need sunlight every day for them to make their food. When the tree is just small, it cannot get a lot of sunlight especially when there are old and tall trees nearby.

You need to grow the avocado tree in an open space so that they can get the maximum length of sunlight. At least 6 hours of sunlight per day is good for the tree. If the tree is getting enough light, problems like yellowing and browning leaves on avocado trees will be prevented.

Some gardeners grow dwarf avocado trees in pots and they should be placed under the sun to keep thriving. If those trees are kept indoors, they should be placed near the window or in the area where the sun is abundant.

Lacking In Water

Avocado trees need water for them to thrive well. At least 2 inches of water per week is needed by the tree.

Young trees need water more often and they can be watered three times per week. The water will help the young trees to get established.

You need to take care of the avocado tree to see maximum growth. The tree will grow much faster when they are well nourished.

If there is a long drought, you need to regularly water them. Avocado trees don’t tolerate much drought so by keeping them hydrated they will thrive well.


Avocado trees are not drought tolerant but when you overwater them, yellow leaves may appear. You need to be careful in watering the tree by not giving too much water to them.

Losing leaves on avocado trees might happen when too much water is given to the tree. The roots cannot handle a lot of water which causes stress to the tree.

When the tree gets excessive water curling leaves on the avocado may also happen. You need to estimate the right amount of water for your tree to prevent overwatering.

Excessive watering may damage roots which prevents the function of the roots to transport water and nutrients to the tree.

If you are experiencing heavy rains in your area you need to make good waterways to prevent your avocado tree from getting flooded.

Lacking Nutrients Cause Yellow Leaves

Nutrients play an important role in the avocado trees’ growth. You need to improve nitrogen, iron, and zinc elements in the soil to prevent yellow leaves on the tree.

Those elements will keep the leaves green which is good in order for the tree to be able to make their food with the help of the sun.

When leaves become yellow, they lose their great function to convert sunlight into food so you need to keep leaves healthy. A good fertilizer for avocado trees is 2-1-1.

Transplant shock

Transplant shock on avocado trees may also happen. If you buy new avocado trees from nurseries and you transfer them to the ground or another pot transplant shock may happen.

You need to water the trees immediately just after the transplanting happens. In that way, the risk of having yellow leaves may be prevented.

Some gardeners grow avocado from seeds. They transplant avocado seedlings once they have enough height. The transplant shock is much less likely to happen for young trees than for old ones.

Pests And Diseases Attack Avocado Tree

If you want the lifespan of avocado trees in a good shape you need to keep the tree free from pests and diseases.

You can use pesticides to control pests on avocado trees and fungicides to control diseases. By keeping the tree healthy, you can expect a good harvest to come. The fruits will grow bigger especially if the tree grows consistently.

You can monitor if pests are attacking the tree by regularly observing them. If you see changes on the leaves of the tree you need to closely observe those leaves.

Aging Avocado Leaves

Having yellowing leaves on trees and any plants is just normal. Those young green leaves become old and change to yellow.

If you just see a few yellow leaves on an avocado tree, then maybe they are just aging leaves. You still need to monitor and observe the tree to look for other possible causes.

Those age leaves will turn brown after. You can use those leaves that have fallen to the ground as compost. Collect leaves and let them decay. Compost is good to add to the soil to improve nutrients.

It is great to know why avocado leaves turn yellow. By keeping the leaves healthy you can assure that the tree will give you great fruits sooner.

Help the tree to get more sunlight, water, and nutrients to improve its overall growth. It takes a few years before a tree bears fruit but it will be worth it once they do.