When Are Eggplants Ready To Pick?

Eggplant is one of the most popular vegetables in the world. It has a unique taste and texture that’s perfect for stir-fries, curries and even desserts. But if you’re wondering when to harvest eggplants, they can be harvested at different times depending on how you want your veggies to look and taste.

Eggplants are ready when they are still glossy, not dull.

When you’re ready to pick eggplants, you should be able to tell that they are not yet ready by their dull appearance. Their glossy skin should still be intact, and if you squeeze them, they should have some sponginess and weight to them.

The flesh should not be squishy or give way easily when pressed in your hand; rather, it will feel firm and solid. If your eggplant is soft like a tomato or squash fruit, then it’s just about ready for harvest.

The skin of the eggplant should be smooth and glossy, without any blemishes or discoloration. It should feel firm but give a little when you press on it; if it’s squishy or feels like it has no weight to it at all, then your eggplants are probably not ripe yet.

They should be firm, not squishy.

Eggplants are ready for harvest when they are firm and not squishy. A good eggplant should not be hard or soft, but somewhere in between.

The best way to tell if an eggplant is ripe is by gently squeezing it with your hands. If the eggplant feels heavy for its size, this indicates that it’s ready for picking.

If you can’t tell if an eggplant is ripe by looking at it, try gently pressing on the skin and feeling for softness.

They should be heavy and spongy to squeeze

To tell if your eggplant is ready to pick, you will want to look at the skin. It should be heavy and spongy. Squeeze the eggplant gently in one hand and then release it. If it bounces back into shape, it’s ready for harvest.

You can also tell if your eggplant is ready to pick by looking at the stem. If it’s green and plump, then it’s still growing. Once it starts to turn brown, that means that the plant has finished producing fruit and needs to be harvested.

An eggplant is done growing when it reaches its mature color (usually purple).

One of the best ways to tell if an eggplant is ready for picking is to look for its mature color, which is usually purple.

The eggplant should be firm to the touch and have a glossy skin.


In conclusion, there are many different ways to pick a good eggplant. The best way is by feeling it and squeezing it. If the eggplant is too heavy or too soft, then it won’t be good enough for you. 

Another way to tell if an eggplant is ready for picking is to look at its color. If it is dark purple then that means it has ripened and ready for harvesting.