How Long Does it Take to Grow Corn?

How Long Does it Take to Grow Corn

How Long Does It Take To Grow Corn? Answer: The corn plant takes about 90 to 105 days to grow, produce a bunch of corn, and harvest. It will be faster when the necessary things like fertilizer and water are regularly applied. The corn plants will have a more extensive stem, leaves, and roots and … Read more

How to Care for Bougainvilleas?

Today, you will learn how to care for bougainvilleas. Bougainvillea is a kind of flower. Sometimes it is considered a tree because it grows more prominent when you don’t trim it. But it produces beautiful flowers. There are many different colors of bougainvillea, and surely you will love it when you see it. But let’s … Read more

Urban Gardening Using Recycled Materials

Urban Gardening Using Recycled Materials Do you want to know how to make urban garden using recycled materials? Well in making urban garden using recycled materials you need some materials to do it well. From the containers you are going to use the plants and the setting up of your garden is very important. So … Read more

What is Urban Garden?

It is great to know what is urban garden. Many people are asking what the urban garden is? Well, urban garden is a combination of the word urban and garden. It means that it has a garden inside the city. That is a simple way to know well what is an urban garden. There are … Read more

Urban Garden Advantages and Disadvantages

Urban garden advantages and disadvantages. Gardening is a very awesome thing to do. That’s why there are many people making gardens in the city. But having an urban garden has advantages and disadvantages. So what are they? Urban Garden Advantages Produces more foods Producing more foods is an excellent urban garden advantage. Well, if you … Read more

How to Improve Urban Garden Soil Quality

Today learn how to improve urban garden soil quality. The basic need of the plant is to have great soil. The soil is where the plants grow, and if the soil is for, the plants will not grow well. So, how to improve urban garden soil quality? The way to enhance the quality of soil … Read more

Plants for Small Urban Garden

It is excellent to know some of the plants for small urban gardens. Picking plants for a small urban garden is something needed to be concerned. Because of having a small land area, you also need to get small plants. Growing bigger plants is not suitable in a limited and small land area. So what … Read more

Urban Garden Design Ideas Tricks

Here are some Urban garden design ideas that you may love with photos. Making garden on the cart wheel. Lovely indigo flowers inside the pot. Growing plants on a vertical woods. Flowers inside the vase. Awesome clay pots with plants inside in vertical appearance. Elegant flowering flowers inside the flower vase. Why not. Flowers inside … Read more

Calamansi Tree Fertilizer

Calamansi Tree Fertilizer Calamansi tree needs some nutrients to maintain its growth. It will also improves flowering and bearing of fruits. Nutrients can get from the soil. But what if the soil has a poor nutrients content, you need to apply some, so. What is the best calamansi tree fertilizer? Here’s the answer. Apply 50 … Read more

What is Calamansi Tree Planting Distance?

Growing calamansi tree in a wide area need some spacing in order for them to grow well. The distance is needed so that they will not be crowded in one place and will not compete for the sunlight. So what is the calamansi tree planting distance? Here’s the answer. The calamansi tree planting distance is … Read more