Okra Companion Plants

okra companion plants

What are okra companion plants? Growing okra tends to work well, especially in tropical and subtropical countries.

This plant loves more sunlight which makes them grow excellent and produce a lot of pods.

When you grow okra with limited spacing, sometimes you will maximize the land space by growing other plants near it.

Okra Companion Plants


Cucumber is a good companion plant for okra. The cucumber is growing long vines that can block the sunlight away from okra plants.

The vines of cucumber can grow longer and because of this, planting distance for the okra plant is very essential.

Don’t let the cucumber vines block the sunlight and the okra plant must get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.

When both plants receive enough light per day, both of these plants will thrive and will produce a lot of fruits.


If you want a good companion plant for okra that doesn’t compete with nutrients because of its shallow roots, then why not grow lettuce.

Lettuce is a green leafy vegetable that contains vitamins and minerals that are good for health.

Because of the shallow roots it has, this plant will not be a threat to the growth of okra plants.

Also, since okra plants are growing taller than lettuce, the okra plants will get a lot of sunlight which they really need.

And also the okra plant will make a shade that will block too much sunlight for the lettuce plant.


Certain types of pests can attack any plant such as okra. To control okra pests, it is good to plant a plant that repels the pest.

One plant that can be planted near okra is basil. Basil plants can repel pests like aphids, spider mites, and whiteflies.

When the okra plant blooms, protection against pests is needed. The flowers and pods might be affected when some pests attack the plant.

The basil is somewhat not growing as tall as okra and will not block sunlight going to it.


Having a limited space for planting is a bit challenging. But companion planting is one solution to maximize garden space.

If you make an okra garden and you want to grow other plants beside them, then you can grow eggplant in your garden.

Eggplant and okra are good companion plants. Both of these plants have quite the same time of flowering and fruiting, especially for some varieties.

You can have a lot of eggplants and okras when harvesting starts.


If you are looking for a good companion plant for okra, then try growing peas. Peas are a good plant that can help improve the soil.

Fertilizing okra plants is good to improve their growth. But if you want to save money and improve soil nitrogen naturally then grow peas.

Peas can increase the nitrogen in the soil naturally. You don’t need to apply fertilizers which is good.

It will be great to have okra and at the same time peas on your table. You will enjoy eating food.


Radishes are also a good plant you can grow along with okra. Radishes are growing underground and sometimes slightly above the ground.

You will not have any problem growing it with okra plants. Radishes can slightly break the soil which will give the water easy access to the roots.

Another thing is since the radishes are growing on the ground they will not make a shade on the okra plant, sunlight will not be blocked.

The lifespan of the okra plant will be in good condition when the plant receives enough water and sunlight.


Pepper is also one of the good plants you can grow alongside okra. There are many varieties of pepper that you can choose.

Sweet peppers and hot peppers are some of the popular varieties for gardeners. If you want to have okra and peppers on your table then try growing these plants.

Water for okra is very important in their growth. When you water the soil, both okra and pepper will benefits especially when they are planted a little bit close.

Another good thing about growing pepper is it can repel cabbage worms on okra plants.


Zinnias are colorful and beautiful flowers that can also be planted close to okra. The pollinators will be attracted which can help pollinate okra.

Okra plants are self-fertile and pods will grow but still, pollinators can help increase the number of pods per plant.

You can also hand pollinate okra if you want more pods. Keep the plants healthy and prevent to have curling leaves on okra.

When everything is fine, the pods will grow which can lead to an abundant harvest.


Like cucumber, melon is also a good okra companion plant. This plant crawls because it is a vine-type plant.

Good spacing is also needed to prevent competition for sunlight. You will see the growth stages of okra as well as melon growth if you regularly observe how they grow.

Try growing melons in your garden to achieve a great harvest, the fruits will grow on the vines.


Sunflowers are beautiful and they love sunlight which is also similar to what okra needs.

Growing both of these plants together will be great. Sunflowers attract pollinators which can help the okra plants pollinate their flowers.

You will feel happy seeing a lot of okra pods as well as sunflowers in your garden. There are many other plants that are suitable to grow alongside okra.

What Not To Plant Near Okra?

Squash and sweet potatoes are some of the plants that you should not grow near okra because they can increase pest nematodes in your garden.

By making your okra plant pests-free, you can expect a good harvest. So growing plants that might bring pests should be avoided to be planted beside them.

What Are The Companion Plants Of Okra?

Try growing cucumber, lettuce, radish, pepper, zinnias, melons, lettuce, basil, eggplant, peas, basil, and sunflowers as companion plants for okra.