Lima Bean Germination

Lima Bean Germination

Today, you will learn something about lima bean germination. Lima bean is a kind of vegetable vine that grows well in some parts. This vegetable loves more sunlight for it to grow well and better. Aside from that doesn’t forget the water to have the best growth. But today, we will focus on lima bean germination. So let us begin.

To have a great lima bean germination, you need some quality seeds. How can we tell that it is a quality seed? In that case, we can say that if it is hard enough. The color is fine and older and not too young. Another thing is it capable of germinating. And many other things.

Lima bean seed germination tricks

Germinating lima bean directly on the soil

Well, if you want to grow lima bean, you can germinate it directly on the soil. Yes, you need to prepare your soil and get some quality seeds. What you need to do is prepare your garden soil by cultivating it.

Then remove some unwanted materials, especially the grasses. Well, grasses are the main enemy of the plants on water, fertilizer, and sunlight. You need to remove those grasses for you to have a beautiful outcome—excellent germination.

So let’s say you have already prepared your garden’s soil. The next thing is putting it on the soil. Well, you need some small digging tools like a trowel or bolo. In this case, you will use these tools to make a hole. Make a hole on the soil around one to two inches deep.

The lima bean seed is quite smaller, so you can make a shallow, deep hole for the seeds. It will also help the seeds to germinate easily. After that, you need to water it with enough water. Water it directly and around the hole so that it will be moist and it will have an easy germination process.

After six to 10 days, you will see the progress of lima bean germination. It will show you that the seeds are cracked up and have some leaves in between. It will be a good feature to have a great seed, and you germinate lima bean perfectly.

Germinating lima bean inside the seed box

Well, you can germinate the lima bean inside the seedbox. A seedbox is a box where the seeds are being grown for the first life cycle, and then when the seedlings are ready, they will be transplanted to their final designation.

The good thing about germinating seeds in the seedbox is that you can identify and easily see which seedlings are good and bad. Well, you can also germinate lima bean seed inside the seedbox. But what is the step-by-step procedure in germinating lima beans inside the seedbox? Here is a simple and easy process.

To make an excellent lima bean germination, you need to prepare some materials. And what are they? Well, the seedbox, soil, seeds, and water. But wait, what I’m talking about this seedbox is the box being sold in the market. It is still okay if you are using the seedbox being made at home. It can be used.

So when you have the seedbox, then start putting soil inside. A seedbox has many small containers. On each container, you can put little soil. And then, after that, you can start putting one seed per container. Cover it with some soil and then water it after.

Then after six to 10 days, it will start germinating. You need to apply water when the soil is dry. It would be best if you also placed it in a safe place so that no animals will destroy it and they will not be cut. Some animals may place on it, and the stem of the lima bean might damage.

After some days, you can start transplanting it to its final and designated place. It would help if you found some open area where sunlight is abundant and where it is best.

Germinating Lima Bean using tissue paper and ziplock

Another way of lima bean germination is using tissue paper and ziplock. Well, this method is best. You can have a high percentage of germination using this method. Using this method requires plastic with a ziplock, a small container, tissue paper, lima bean seeds, and water.

Let’s do it. Get the seeds and soak them in water. Just make the seeds moist, and it’s okay. Then soak the tissue paper in the water also. Be careful not to damage or cut the tissue paper. After that, lay the tissue paper on a flat surface. Then put the seeds with some distance. Then fold the tissue for several folds. Then put it inside the plastic with a ziplock. Finally, please put it in the container.

After a few days, around 6 to 10 days, the seeds will start germinating.

Some Information to know about lima bean seed

The best thing to know about the seeds of lima bean is that it has a high percentage of germination. The seeds of it have good characteristics in terms of germination. The seeds have a medium size, which helps to germinate easily. Aside from that, it is soft. There are hard seeds that have a low percentage of germination. If the seeds are soft well, you can expect a great result.

Germinate lima bean seeds faster

The three methods above are great to follow in terms of lima bean germination. But here are some tips for it to germinate faster. You need to have fine soil. The soil you must use is loam soil. It will be best. Suppose you can find a dark loam soil that’s suitable. Avoid soil like clay soil or mud soil as it is not significant in growing.

Also, make it moist. When you put it on the soil, make it wet enough. Water is essential for better growth. It will attract the seeds’ roots to come out, making them easier to grow.

Also, try to place it where the sun shines excellently. Well, even it is a seed. They still need sunlight. They like it, especially when they are totally big. It is their food, and indeed they like it the most. It is excellent to know the lima bean germination.