Lifespan Of An Avocado Tree: How Long Does It Live?

lifespan of avocado tree

Knowing the lifespan of avocado tree is great. Grower will have a clue on how long they can pick fruits from the tree. Avocado fruit is a very nutritious to eat. It is rich in fiber which helps the digestive system. It is very delicious to eat and people will enjoy. Growing this tree have a little bit challenge. But how long does avocado tree live?

Lifespan Of An Avocado Tree

The lifespan of avocado tree is around 200 to 400 Years. It can produce lots of fruits in the years to come. People can harvest fruits from the tree for more decades. The tree will give lots of fruit during the harvest season. The tree will starts to grow, becomes mature and produces flowers and fruits.

But growing avocado tree have many challenges. There are pests and diseases that might attack the tree. If the tree doesn’t stays healthy it might reduce its lifespan. So keeping the tree in a good condition for a long time will make the tree to grow longer. More fruits will come sooner.

Caring for the tree regularly is a must. There are small pests that might attack and also big, and controlling them is a must. Commonly the pesticides can be use or insecticides. There are also diseases and needs to apply some treatment to prevent further damage on the tree. Watering, sunlight and fertilizer is also needed to improve the overall growth giving a longer lifespan of avocado tree.

Factors That Might Affect Avocado Tree Lifespan


Weather changes can affect the avocado tree. For example there is an extreme high temperature and it might affect the tree causing for the flowers and fruits to drop prematurely. Or too cold temperature can also affect the overall growth of the tree. Sometimes bad weather is not friendly for the tree.

There are times that storm comes. It brings strong winds and lots of rain. When a strong winds blow, some of the branches of the tree might be broken and damage. Lots of leaves also might drop. It will brings the tree in a bad situation.

Since there are also lots of rainfall, the tree might be drowned if floods happen. The roots will be place under the water and if the floods last for a few hours or days it might cause root rot. Root rot will affects the tree to transfer water and nutrients. Having a good drainage and water system ways will help to prevent flooding which will save your tree. The weather is a factor that might affects the lifespan of avocado tree.


There are some pests that might attack the avocado tree. These pests are needed to control so that it will not cause more damage to the tree. These pests might damage the leaves, fruits, bark, branches and flowers. The pesticides and insecticides can be use as a control for them. There are products that can be buy from the store or use a natural one that can be buy from the market or homemade.

Some of the pests that might attack the avocado tree are thrips, mite, tingidae, scale insect, avocado, sunblotch viroid, amorbia, omnivorous looper, caterpillar and woodboring beetle. Those pests might affect the fruit, flowers, branches, leaves and trunk depends upon on what insect pests attack. It is not great to see pests on the tree because it wil cause harm on the tree. Controlling them and applying treatment is needed.

Pests might attack in no time. The avocado tree will have a longer lifespan if there are no pests. Its because they can cause a serious damage to the tree which will affect its growth. Pest-free tree will produce lots of fruits and people will have abundant harvest soon.


Like pests, diseases also might affect the lifespan of avocado tree. Diseases can cause damage to the tree, affecting its growth. It can have less fruits, poor leaves, shorter and smaller branches and other things. Diseases should be treat and to be control as early as possible. In that way it will grow and thrive well.

The most common diseases of avocado tree are Phytophthora canker, Dothiorella canker, avocado black streak, Armillaria root rot and Verticillium wilt. The damage on the tree will depends upon on what disease attack the tree. They have specific signs and damage and also treatment. Commonly fungicides is the treatment for the diseases that attack the tree.

Preventing diseases on the tree can be possible by caring for it regularly. Monitoring them as often as possible will help to identify if there are damage on the tree. When the diseases are seen as early as possible, it can be control and will prevented the damage to get worse. Keeping the avocado tree healthy will have a high chance of getting bigger and lots of fruit.


Water is important element for the avocado tree’s growth. They need water to stays cool and fresh. It helps to lower the temperature of the tree especially during the hot summer. Water is also important for transferring nutrients throughout the tree. Human can water the tree using water hose or any tools or maybe get its water from the rain.

The young avocado tree needs to be watered regularly during its early stage. The water will help the tree to spread its roots and get established. Their roots will grow longer and makes them solid. But watering them needs to be careful and try to avoid over watering them because it might cause yellowing of the leaves or drowning.

The older tree don’t need to be watered in a much way. They can retain water for longer time. The rainfall is a great source of water and will help them to thrive well. But watering is very important during the hot summer. They need more water to keep them fresh.


Sunlight is also important for avocado tree. The sunlight is a major food of them. It helps them to grow faster and taller. It helps the tree to produce more leaves, fruits and flower. More sunlight will give more foods to the avocado tree.

During the day, there are lots of sunlight. Its important for the tree to be planted in an open space where it can gets more hours of sunlight. Its not good if there are bigger size tree beside the avocado because they might block the sunlight which decrease the length of exposure to the sun. So during the early stage, you need to make sure to find a great spot for the tree. A perfect place is great for them to produce their foods.

Atleast 6 hours of sunshine is good for the tree. That six hours is enough for them to make their foods. But more than six hours is much better. Less than six hours will not be great because they can not produce enough foods everyday.


How long does avocado tree live? Well it will also depends if the tree gets enough nutrients. The nutrients is commonly found on the soil. Quality soil which is rich in nutrients will help them to grow in a faster mode. There are times that the soil is poor and applying fertilizer will help to improve them.

There are organic and inorganic fertilizer. Organic fertilizers are great to use because they are eco-friendly and natural. You can buy compost from the agriculture store or create at home. But you can also buy synthetic fertilizer to help your tree grows well.

The fertilizer will help the tree to produce more flower and fruits. They can also improve the leaves to stays green and healthy. It can also make the trunk and branches a lot longer and bigger. So nutrients is also a factor to the trees growth.

Those are some informations about the lifespan of avocado tree. The tree can live around 200 to 400 Years. There are also lots of factors that might affect its life expectancy like pests, diseases, bad weather, sunlight, watering and nutrients. If the tree stays healthy, lots of fruits can be harvested everytime. People will definitely enjoy getting fruits from the tree.