Lifespan Of A Jackfruit: How Long Does It Live?

lifespan of a jackfruit tree

How long is the lifespan of a jackfruit tree? Most the trees live longer than smaller plants. Since trees have a longer life expectancy, you can get a lot of fruits from the tree for a couple of years.

Those fruits can be eaten and if you have a big farm, you can sell some of those fruits. Fruits are profitable and you will earn some decent money from them. If you are growing fruit trees as a hobby, it will make you happy and you will enjoy growing them.

Lifespan Of A Jackfruit Tree

The lifespan of a jackfruit tree can reach up to 100 years or more. The jackfruit tree produces sweet fruits when they ripen. It is so delicious to eat and surely anyone who will eat the fruit will be amazed. There are many fruits you can buy from the store and finding jackfruit is sometimes hard to find since this tree doesn’t grow in some places.

The jackfruit tree does not tolerate cold and it grows well in tropical countries. It needs more sunlight in order for them to grow better and become bigger. When the tree becomes bigger, there will be more good spots for the branches to grow. The fruits may grow in the bark of the tree but most of them grow in the branches.

In order to have more jackfruits per tree, the tree should get enough water, sunlight, and nutrients. Those essential things will work to achieve big sweet jackfruits. Gardeners who grow jackfruit will definitely love it when they see those fruits on their tree.

Most of the big trees are not being watered because they are already well established and they can thrive even if they don’t get water for a couple of days or weeks.

Make Jackfruit Tree Healthy

The most crucial moment in the jackfruit tree growth is during the early stage. In the early years of the jackfruit tree growth, the tree needs more water, nutrients, and sunlight. This is because those essential things will help the tree to get established.

You need to take care of jackfruit trees so that they will grow well as you expected. The trees take time to grow and for them to bear fruits. The jackfruit tree may produce fruits when they are 4 to 5 years old already. Some other trees may bear fruit as early as 3 years.

Give Jackfruit Tree Enough Water

The jackfruit tree can be grown from seeds, through grafting, air layering, and budding. Any of those methods can be used to propagate and grow jackfruit trees. If you try to grow jackfruit from seeds, then you need to water them regularly.

A grown jackfruit tree from seeds takes time to grow and they need more water during their early years. You can water the jackfruit tree almost every day if the weather is too hot for consecutive days. The weather becomes hot mostly during the summer season.

When there is enough rainfall, you don’t need to give the jackfruit tree water and just wait for a couple of days for the soil to dry before watering the tree again. Overwatering can cause root rot and might lead to yellow leaves. You can avoid those things from happening by not overwatering the jackfruit tree.

Once the tree becomes mature, the jackfruit tree can start to produce a bloom. The blooms appear when the tree is already 4 to 5 years old but they can also appear as early as 3 years old. Those flowers will eventually turn into fruits and to make it happen you need to nourish your jackfruit tree.

Plant Jackfruit Tree In A Sunny Place

You need to find a good spot to grow your jackfruit tree. The jackfruit tree loves more sunlight to make its food. The leaves will collect that sunlight and convert it into a sugar called glucose which is what the plant consumes.

There is chlorophyll in the leaves and those elements work to make food for the tree. The chlorophyll is important and without it, the tree will hardly make food. And by adding more nitrogen into the soil, the chlorophyll production in the leaves will increase and the leaves will make them green.

For the jackfruit tree to get more sunlight, you need to grow them in an open area. Try to avoid growing them near taller trees because they will block the sunlight to your jackfruit which will make them grow poor.

When you start germinating jackfruit seeds, it will take a few weeks or may take longer than about a month for the roots to appear on the seeds. You need patience in growing this tree and it will be worth it in the end.

Once the tree gets mature, it will produce flowers and those flowers will turn into fruits. You can have a good harvest if the tree gets consistent sunlight of at least 6 hours per day.

Fertilize Jackfruit Tree

Fertilizers have good benefits for the jackfruit tree. Fertilizers will make them grow and thrive well and also will help them to be healthy. Some of the good fertilizers for jackfruit trees are 6-6-6, 8-4-2, 14-14-14, etc.

You can fertilize the jackfruit tree every 6 months for the first two years. Fertilizing will help the tree get established and grow faster. You can see a lot of leaves, branches, and longer roots when the tree thrives well.

To maximize the tree’s growth, planting distance for jackfruit trees is very important. It will prevent the roots of other trees from competing with the nutrients found in the soil. There are also many benefits of having a good distance from the tree. The roots of this tree may grow bigger and become invasive so in order to prevent them from damaging concrete, you need to plant them a few meters away.

Protection Against Pests And Diseases

Almost all plants and trees may experience being attacked by pests and diseases from time to time. Protect your tree by applying pesticides or fungicides to control those things.

Making your tree free from pests and diseases will help the tree grow healthy and will not experience problems for a little bit longer.

It is great to know how long is the lifespan of a jackfruit tree. The jackfruit tree may live for 100 years or more depending on how it is nourished. If the tree stays in a good shape, then it may have a longer life expectancy.