How Much Cold Can Okra Plant Tolerate?

how much cold can okra plant tolerate

Do you have an okra garden and at the same time wonder how much cold can okra plant tolerate?

Okra plants grow well in tropical climates. They really love sunlight and it helps them grow well.

A vegetable garden is great to build but will not be fun when cold weather damages vegetables.

How Much Cold Can The Okra Plant Tolerate?

The lowest temperature an okra plant can tolerate is 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 degrees Celsius).

Too low temperature is not for an okra plant. You need to grow this plant in a place with enough temperature for them to grow.

The best temperature for okra plants is between 75 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius).

This plant is sensitive to cold and you need to find the right timing in sowing the seeds and eventually start your garden.

When the weather suits the plant, you will see bloom and pods once the okra plants mature.

Effects of Too Much Cold on Okra Plants

Too much cold is not good for okra plants. It will affect the overall growth stages of okra plants.

If you are growing okra plants, it is better to place them in a greenhouse because the weather is quite warmer there and the plants are safer.

Damage The Plant

When there is no protection, cold can damaged okra plants. Too much cold will affect the leaves, stem, flower, pods, and even the roots.

Cold can cause yellow, and cause okra leaves to drop.

It is challenging to grow okra plants in a place that gets cold. You need to make a plan to make your garden successful.

Since the okra plants are taking 55 to 65 days to grow, try to find the best way to sow the seeds, make your garden, and grow the plants to avoid cold weather.

Less Flowers

Too much cold can also cause fewer flowers on the okra plant. The nutrients going into the plant are not transported well because of the cold temperature.

Cold temperatures cause stress to the plant which makes the plant produce fewer flowers.

Those flowers may stop growing and eventually fall to the ground.

Also, too much cold can also be a cause why okra plants do not bloom.

Fewer Fruits

When flowers are less, the fruits are less also. Only a few okra pods will grow on the plant when there is less flower production.

The okra plants will be able to produce a lot of pods when they are growing well and when cold is not affecting them much.

So, the temperature really plays an important factor in the okra plants’ growth. A warmer climate is what okra plants need.

Can Okra Survive 40 Degrees Fahrenheit?

No, the okra plant will not survive 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It is too cold and will damage the plant.

Plants that are small cannot survive well in cold temperatures.

They have a thin stem and other parts are small and cannot fight against the cold weather.

40 degrees Fahrenheit is 4.4 degrees Celsius which is close to the freezing point of water.

Placing okra plants in a greenhouse and using LED grow light can make them warmer and can prolong the lifespan of okra plants.

Can Okra Survive 50 degrees Fahrenheit?

50 degrees Fahrenheit is a little bit warmer than 40 degrees Fahrenheit but still too cold for the okra plant.

The plant will still not survive this too cold temperature. The okra plant will likely get damaged once placed too long under this temperature.

When getting cold, it is easier to protect potted plants because you can okra plants indoors to keep them warm.

You can also use LED grow light to give them heat. The LED grow lights can also help the plants produce their food.

You can also give okra plants water to prevent freezing the soil.

When it is getting cold, you need to protect your okra plants against cold, or else they will not survive the cold weather.

Can Okra Survive Frost?

No, okra plants will not survive frost. Once the temperature reaches or drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) frost may happen.

Many things outdoors may freeze and most plants will be affected. Those cold hardy trees will survive and most of them will go dormant.

But for those plants that don’t go dormant, they will not survive frost.

Okra plants are not frosting tolerant and they will stop growing when frosts came.

Okra Plant is Not Cold Tolerant

The okra plant prefers a warmer climate. In countries with a tropical climate, sunlight is available for long hours.

In those places, the okra plant grows well. This plant needs more sunlight at least 6 hours per day.

6 hours is enough for the okra plant to make its food. In colder places, sometimes sunlight is not available consecutively throughout the day and it makes the okra plant grows poor.

So it is better to know first the temperature in your location before planning to grow a particular plant.

In that way, you know what to expect and whether the plant will thrive or will not.

Protecting and caring for okra plants against cold temperatures is much easier if they are planted in a pot.

Potted okra plants can be placed indoors or in a greenhouse. You can also add lights to increase the temperature which gives heat to the plant.

If the plants are planted in the ground, you can also use some covers like tarps, blankets, or other covers to protect the plants against cold weather.

Okra plants will likely not survive extreme cold.


So, how much cold can the okra plant tolerate?

The okra plant must not be planted below 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 degrees Celsius).

This plant does not tolerate cold and it will not survive extremely cold temperatures.

The okra plant loves sunlight and you will see its fast growth every time it is getting lots of sunlight. You will see lots of flowers and pods on the okra plant if they are getting more sunlight.