How Many Watermelons Per Plant?

how many watermelons per plant

How many watermelons per plant? Watermelons are delicious and refreshing to eat. It consists of a lot of water which is really great to consume. There are many vitamins and minerals that you can get also from this kind of fruit. During summer the demand for watermelon becomes high.

Many people buy watermelons at the market and some of them really like the taste and they started growing this plant at home. If you grow watermelon plants, you will wonder how many fruits you can get from a single plant.

How Many Watermelons Per Plant?

A single watermelon plant can produce around 2 to 4 fruits. It is common for this kind of plant to grow less fruit. If you are going to observe, the fruits are way bigger than the plant.

The plant is small and its leaves are a little smaller than the fruits. Also, this plant is a vine-type plant which they are crawling on the ground.

Some growers use trellis for this plant but you can also just let the plant grow on the ground and sooner the fruits will appear.

Why Do Watermelon Plant Bear Less Fruits?

The size of the plant is small which cannot handle more fruits. It is normal to see one fruit per plant or 2-4 fruits.

Unlike other bigger and longer size plants like cucumber, squash, string beans, watermelon has shorter vines. The nutrients are limited which limits them to produce more fruits.

Lacking Sunlight

Watermelons need sunlight for at least 8 hours per day. The sunlight helps the plant grow faster and thrive well. You need to grow watermelon in an open area where there are no trees nearby.

Tall trees have a lot of leaves which may block the sunlight away from your plant.

You need to make sure that you are growing watermelon in a not-shaded area. Most gardeners grow this plant in an open field.

The watermelon plants are crawling on the ground and it is fine for the fruits to stay on the ground.

When the plant gets enough sunlight daily you will see more potential fruits will grow and sunlight will help increase their fruit size.

Lacking Water

Watermelon needs water to grow but the good thing about watermelon plants is they are somewhat drought tolerant. They can survive a few days and weeks without getting a lot of water.

You will not have a problem with the watermelon plant about watering but still, this plant needs water for them to stay hydrated and grow excellently.

The watermelon plant needs at least one to two inches of water per week to keep them in a good condition.

Lacking Nutrients

Watermelon plants need nutrients for them to produce more flowers and fruits. Some of the good fertilizers for watermelon plants are; 10-10-10, 5-10-10, 4-16-16, etc.

The fertilizers will definitely help the plants grow well and increase the number of watermelon fruits per plant. You can use commercial synthetic fertilizer which you can buy at the nurseries or the market near your location.

Or you can also organic fertilizer which is good if you are practicing organic farming.

Pests And Diseases

Some pests will attack the watermelon plant. These pests will damage the plant’s leaves, flowers, and fruits. You really need to observe and monitor your plants to keep them safe.

When there are pests, some serious damage to the watermelon plant can happen. You need to protect the plant by using pest control on watermelon.

Some of these pests and diseases that may attack watermelon are; Blossom-End Rot, Squash Vine Borer Moths, Fusarium Wilt, Powdery mildew, downy mildew, striped cucumber beetle, and aphids.

Diseases may also attack the watermelon plant and you also need to protect them by using fungicides to control those diseases. Caring for watermelon plants is very important during this phase.

How To Increase The Yield Of Watermelon Per Plant?

If you want to increase the yield of watermelon plants, you need to keep them receiving enough water, sunlight, and nutrients. When all the basic needs of the plant are getting of plant, the growth will become excellent.

When the plant is growing well more potential fruits are going to be developed. Their basic needs also help increase watermelon fruit size.

Plant More Watermelon Plants

For you to get a lot of watermelon fruits, you need to plant more plants to increase the yield. For example, if a single watermelon plant produces 2 fruits, then if you have 10 watermelon plants you can get 20 fruits all in all.

That is a good harvest because if a single fruit is big then it can produce more servings which people can consume and enjoy. It is delightful to harvest watermelons once they mature.

Even if it takes time to grow watermelons around 70 to 100 days, it is still worth it to grow. If you have a little bit big garden, you can grow a lot of watermelon plants.

The plant will bear big fruits which you can consume with your family or you can also sell some of those at the market to earn some money. Growing watermelons can be a good business.

If watermelon does not have fruit you just need to be patient. There might be a lot of flowers on the plant but still, fruits don’t appear. You just need to wait for a couple of days or weeks and the fruits will set soon.

Even if watermelon plants are self-pollinating you can still help the plants by doing some hand pollination. Watermelon plants can produce fruits on their own but still, the help of bees can increase the chances of producing fruits.

It will be exciting once the watermelon blooms and the fruits will set very soon. You need to keep the plants thriving well to achieve a great result.

How Many Watermelons Per Plant?

A single watermelon plant can produce around 2 to 4 watermelon fruits. By making sure that the plants are getting sufficient water, nutrients, and sunlight you can expect those numbers of fruits to be grown on the plant.

The vines of the watermelon grow longer and you will see fruits sooner you will enjoy the ripe and delicious watermelon fruits.