How Many Jackfruit Per Tree?

how many jackfruit per tree

How many jackfruits per tree? Ripe jackfruits are delicious to eat. The taste of the fruit is sweet and you will enjoy consuming them. There are people who really like the taste of this fruit and they buy this fruit at the market.

Some people also start growing jackfruit in their yard to get more fruits to eat. Jackfruits are commonly consumed ripe but you can cook unripe jackfruits and serve them as viand.

How Many Jackfruits Per Tree?

A jackfruit tree can produce 150 fruits per year. But in some cases, it can go as high as 250 to 500 fruits, especially for mature jackfruit trees. Those number of fruits can be achieved when the tree grows well.

The tree needs water, nutrients, and sunlight to make them grow faster and more excellent. The flowers will appear and after a few weeks, the fruits will set. The fruits will take some time to mature.

When you regularly observe the jackfruits, you will see how the fruits grow. They are small in size during the early days and some of them might fall. Not all the fruits are going to grow fully and some of them will just fall on the ground. But once the fruits grow bigger it will be exciting to see those fruits mature. You will harvest jackfruit sooner.

Why Do Jackfruit Tree Bear Less Fruits?

There are people who grow jackfruit trees in their yard but they don’t nourish them well. They just grow the jackfruit tree and wait for them to produce fruits. They don’t water them and they don’t apply fertilizers. If the jackfruit tree is not nourished well, fewer fruits will grow on the tree.

Lacking Sunlight

Jackfruit trees need sunlight for them to be able to make food. The leaves of the tree process those sunlight and converts them into food. When there are a lot of leaves on the tree, more food will be created. Also, the leaves must stay healthy and green so that creating food will be faster.

Keep the leaves healthy, because when the leaves turn yellow the tree will have difficulties making food. You need to improve the nitrogen and iron in the soil to increase the production of chlorophyll in the jackfruit leaves. At least 6 hours of sunlight is needed by the jackfruit tree.

Watering Problems

The jackfruit tree needs water of a good amount only. Don’t overwater to prevent root rot which may affect the overall growth of the tree. Although, the jackfruit tree is somewhat drought tolerant still they need water to make a tree grow faster.

If rainfall is available, don’t water the tree during those time. The rainfall is enough for the tree grows. Also, make good waterways to prevent flooding because when the roots soak in water for a bit long time it can cause root rot.

Lacking Nutrients

Fertilize the jackfruit tree to help improve all parts of the tree. Some great fertilizers for jackfruit trees are; 14-14-14, 5-5-2, 8-3-9, and 19-10-5.

The fertilizer will help the leaves grow better and increase the production of flowers and fruits. Having rich soil in the garden will help flowers to set more fruits. There are times that fruits do not set and to increase the chance for fruits to set, fertilizing will help it happen.

You can also use organic fertilizers especially if you are practicing organic gardening. There are composts that can be bought at the nurseries, agriculture stores, or even online.

Pests And Diseases

Use pests control on jackfruit trees when they are pests attacking the tree. Some of the pests of jackfruit trees are; Shoot and fruit borer; Spittle bugs; Mealy bug; Bud weevil; Bark eating caterpillar; Aphid; Leaf Webber; and Stem borer. You can use pesticides to control them.

Some diseases of jackfruit trees are; Soft rot or fruit rot, Dieback, Leaf spot, Rust, Pink disease, Disease cycle, andIPM for Jackfruit. There are treatments for specific diseases and mostly fungicides are being used to control them. If the damage is just a little and still can be controlled then you can also not use fungicides. There is an organic treatment also that can be used.

How To Increase The Yield Of Jackfruit Tree?

To achieve a good yield on the jackfruit trees, just keep the tree healthy and make sure they are getting enough sunlight, water, and nutrients. Care for them and protect against pests and diseases.

The jackfruit tree blooms when they are already 3 to 5 years old. The flowers may also appear a bit longer than expected. There are factors that may affect the tree which can cause the flowers to appear late.

Plant More Jackfruit Tree

A single jackfruit tree can produce 150 fruits a year and by growing more trees you can harvest more fruits. It is easy to do when you have good spacing. You need to plant them at a distance away from the house because their roots are invasive. The roots may damage concrete which most gardeners want to avoid.

It takes time to grow jackfruit around 3 to 5 years, but it will be going to be worth it. The ripe and delicious fruits will appear on the tree very soon. You can eat the fruits when ripe or make sweets that you will enjoy with the family.

If the jackfruit is not fruiting, you just need to wait for them to fully mature. The jackfruit tree may start bearing fruits when they are 3-5 years old.

Most of the trees bear fruits a little bit longer compared to smaller plants. Just wait for a little bit of time and the flowers and fruits will appear very soon.

It is great to know how many jackfruit per tree. The jackfruit tree can produce 150 fruits on average per year but it can also produce more around 250 to 500 every single year.

There are factors why the tree produces less or produces more. You need to take care of the jackfruit tree so that you will harvest more fruits from the tree.