How Many Eggplants Per Plant?

how many eggplants per plant

How many eggplants per plant? If you try to grow a plant like an eggplant, you will wonder how many fruits will you get from a single plant overall. It is helpful if you have an idea of the harvest season to come.

Gardeners make a garden because it has many benefits for them. A garden can serve as a source of food, source of income, stress reliever, and many other things. Having an eggplant garden is helpful to the family and society.

How Many Eggplants Per Plant?

A single eggplant can bear 10 to 20 fruits. Some plants may bear less while others may bear more. For example, the black beauty eggplant can bear 10 fruits while the Asian eggplant can bear around 10 to 20 eggplants.

It is great to see that a plant bears a lot of fruits. You can make a lot of dishes with those eggplants that can be enjoyed with the family. It feels great to have an eggplant garden in the backyard where it can serve as a source of food.

You can also earn some money by having an eggplant garden. Those eggplants can be sold at the market and through it, you can get some money. It can be a good business for the family and since eggplants are rich in vitamins and minerals, they can help to have good health.

Why Do Eggplants Bear Less Fruits?

Lacking Sunlight Cause Less Eggplant

Eggplant needs sunlight for them to grow excellently. At least 6 hours of full sunlight is enough for the eggplant plants to be able to make their food. When the sunlight hits the eggplant leaves, the leaves process it and convert it into a sugar called glucose which is what the plants consume.

Lack of sunlight can decrease the number of fruits on the plant. You need to keep the plants well lighted and they must be planted in a well sunny place. Avoid growing eggplant near tall trees with a wide canopy so that those trees will not block the sunlight.

Lacking Water On Eggplant

If you are noticing that eggplants produce fewer fruits then lack of water is maybe one of the problems. An eggplant plant needs at least 1 inch of water per week.

During summer and other hot days, the eggplant needs more water for them to thrive well. The eggplant should just get enough water because too much water can cause problems like root rot. Water eggplants early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

You don’t need to water the eggplant on rainy days and if your garden gets flooded, you need to make a good waterway to prevent flooding. When there is no problem with watering the eggplants will grow nicely.

Lacking Nutrients On Eggplant

Eggplant needs fertilizer especially when the soil in the garden is poor. Some of the good fertilizers to use are; 5-10-5, 10-10-10, 15-5-10, 15-30-15, 20-20-20, etc. You need to improve the soil quality so that the plants will also improve their growth.

You can either use chemical fertilizers or organic fertilizers. Both of those fertilizers are fine to use and will help the plants in their growth. If you are practicing organic farming then you must use organic fertilizers. There is vermicompost that you can buy at the nurseries, agriculture stores, or stores near your area. If you don’t have enough budget you can also try making homemade fertilizers.

Pests And Diseases

You need pest control for the eggplant to keep the plant healthy. Some of the pests that might attack the eggplant are; Aphids, Beetles, Cutworms, Flea Beetles, Hornworms, Stink Bugs, etc. Pests cause damage to the plant and when they are not controlled the plants’ health will be affected.

Some diseases may attack eggplants and you need to keep them out of your plants. Try observing the eggplants regularly so that you can take immediate action when there are pests and diseases on the plants. You need to take care of eggplants to make them safe.

How To Increase The Yield Of Eggplant?

Sometimes you cannot increase the normal yield of the plant. The number of fruits on the plant is constant and you cannot do anything to force the plant to produce more fruits. The only time you need to take action is when you notice that the plants in your garden are producing fewer fruits than usual. So how can you increase the yield and also increase eggplant fruit size?

Pollinate More Flowers

The eggplants can be pollinated just with the wind. When the wind is blowing in the garden the pollen will be transferred to the stigma and the eggplant will just be fine. Also, when there are pollinators like bees it is a good sign that more flowers will be pollinated.

The eggplant blooms when they are 50 days old after sowing the seeds. Sometimes it can also show up earlier or later.

Plant More Eggplant Plants

Harvesting eggplant is an amazing experience especially if it’s your first time growing this kind of plant. If you want to have more harvest then you must grow more plants. For example, a single eggplant produces 10 fruits and if you have 15 plants, you will get 150 eggplants all in all.

The eggplant takes time to grow. You need to wait for around 80 to 100 days before you can harvest eggplant. Even though it takes time, it is still worth it to grow. Some other plants and vegetables take longer to harvest than eggplant.

If the eggplants do not fruit, you just need to wait for more time and the fruits will show sooner. With just the help of the wind, the fruits will set.

It is great to know how many eggplants per plant. There will be 10 to 20 fruits you can get from a single plant. If you have a bigger garden, you can grow more plants to increase the eggplant yield or use more containers to grow more plants.