How Many Cabbage Per Plant?

how many cabbage per plant

How many cabbage per plant? Cabbage is a great vegetable to grow. The green leaves are delicious to eat and some people start growing this kind of vegetable in their garden.

The cabbage plant grows best in colder temperatures. It likes cooler climates for them to thrive well. If you are going to grow cabbage in your garden sometimes you will wonder how many cabbage heads you can get from a single plant.

How Many Cabbage Per Plant?

A single cabbage plant can produce one big head of cabbage and grows an additional 3 to 6 smaller size cabbage heads. Usually, only one head grows on the plant which is used commercially.

If you are growing cabbage in a garden for food purposes then you can wait and observe for those smaller heads to appear and then harvest them once matures.

You cannot see two or more big head cabbage per plant and a big head cabbage will just grow. You need to take care of the cabbage plant in order to achieve a good yield.

Can You Get More Than One Cabbage From A Plant?

Yes, you can get more than one cabbage per plant but most of them are smaller in size than the main cabbage head. The main cabbage head is big in size. If you are going to buy cabbages at the market, you will notice that most of them are in good size.

But if you are just making a garden then it will be just fine to have those small cabbages. By caring well for the cabbage plant, you can improve the size of those other cabbage heads. You can have a good day once you harvest those cabbages.

How To Improve The Main Cabbage Head Size?

If you want to improve the cabbage head size, you need to make sure that the plant is getting its needs regularly. The cabbage plant needs are; sunlight, water, nutrients, pests, and disease protection.

Grow Cabbage In Sunny Place

If you want to improve cabbage head size, you need to grow the cabbage plant in a sunny place. The sunlight will help increase the size of the cabbage which is great to see during harvesting.

The cabbage plant needs at least 6 hours of sunlight per day to achieve a great yield. It is also fine if the location of your garden is in the partial shade. As long as the cabbage plant will receive enough light per day then you can assure for a good cabbage to appear on the plant.

Water Is Important For Cabbage

The cabbage plant needs water of at least 1 to 1.5 inch per week. You can just water the cabbage plant once per week. You also need to check the top 2 inches of soil. If it’s dry you need to water the soil.

Also, keep the leaves dry when watering and just focus on the soil. It is best to water the cabbage plant in the morning.

Fertilizing Cabbage Plant

By fertilizing the cabbage plant, you can improve the cabbage head size. Some great fertilizers for cabbage are; 1-1-1, 10-10-10, 12-12-12, and 8-16-16.

You can use chemical fertilizers but if you are practicing organic farming then it is best to use organic fertilizers. Compost is good to use to improve not just the plant but also the soil in the long run. By improving the soil nutrients more plants will grow better.

Pests And Diseases

Pests and diseases are common for any plant. There will be a time that one day you will see pests on the plants in your garden. You need to protect them to keep them healthy.

You need to use pest control on the cabbage plant to prevent further damage and stop the pests. Some pests that may attack the cabbage plants are; aphids, worms, moths, and slugs. 

While some diseases of this plant are; Alternaria Leaf Spot, Blackleg, Black Rot, Bacterial Leaf Spot, Bacterial Soft Rot, Clubroot, Downy Mildew, and Bottom Rot.

By keeping the cabbage plant free from pests and diseases you can have a great harvest.

Plant More Cabbage

If you want to harvest more cabbage heads then you must grow more plants. A single plant will grow one big head and additional three to six smaller heads.

If you have 10 cabbage plants then you can get 10 big cabbages and around 30 to 60 smaller cabbage heads.

Cabbage Takes Time To Grow

Even if cabbage takes time to grow, it is still worth it to grow. You need to wait for around 70 to 100 days before those cabbages mature. You need to continue keeping the plants healthy by making sure the plants are getting enough light, nutrients, and water.

After a few weeks, the plant grows more leaves and starts to mature. The head of cabbage will form in the next couple of weeks.

You can harvest cabbage once they have enough size and the cabbage head is in great form. You can get the cabbages when it is 10 to 16 weeks old. You can observe and analyze the cabbage if you think they reach their maximum size you can get them now.

There are people who think about how many heads of cabbage per plant. For new growers of cabbage, it is normal to wonder how many cabbages they can get from a single plant. It guides them and helps to know the actual number of cabbage once the plant matures.

Growing cabbage is a little bit challenging because of some pests and diseases that may attack. Protecting the plants against pests and diseases is important.

It is great to know how many cabbage per plant. A single cabbage plant will grow 1 big head and it may also grow 3 to 6 smaller size heads. You need to take care of the plant to achieve a big cabbage. You can harvest them and consume them. There are a lot of recipes and dishes you can try with cabbage.