How Big Do Okra Plants Get?

Okra plants are known for their fast growth and prolific yield of pods. These plants are actually a member of the horticultural family Hibiscus and can grow to be rather tall.

The okra plant itself can grow up to 8 feet tall, but you’ll find that most people keep this plant under 6 feet tall so that it fits easily within the garden landscape of most homes.

If you have limited space in your garden bed or patio container, then this might be something you should consider before planting okra seeds.

Okra plants produce mostly female flowers on the top portion of their stalks, which means they will produce lots of pods if left unchecked.

Okra plants grow at a fast and furious rate when the summer heat is in full swing.

When the summer heat is in full swing, okra plants grow at a fast and furious rate. They require warm weather to thrive and if you’re growing them from seed, you should sow them outdoors during the spring or early summer.

Once the pods have matured, they can be picked when they are still small—before they turn into large green pods with white seeds inside—or left on the plant until they ripen further and become stringy and fibrous-textured.

Fertilizer isn’t necessary but is helpful if you want your plants to produce lots of fruits without getting too big or leggy (if this happens).

You can fertilize with compost tea made from worm castings or vermicompost; liquid fish emulsion diluted at half strength works well too.

Okra plants quickly reach a height of 3 to 5 feet, with some taller varieties reaching a height of 8 feet.

If you’ve decided to grow your own okra, you might be wondering how big do okra plants get? Fortunately for you, it’s easy to find out.

A typical okra plant will grow up to 5 feet tall and produce plenty of pods that are ready to harvest. Some varieties can even reach an impressive height of 8 feet.

If you’re growing your own okra at home, make sure that you give them plenty of sun and water. 

The more sunlight they receive, the faster they’ll grow—and this is especially true if they’re exposed to direct sunlight during the day.

They also need plenty of moisture in order to thrive properly (which explains why many people choose their window sills as locations for planting).

You may be surprised to see how many okra pods are produced by such a tall plant.

While okra plants grow to be quite tall, the pods don’t get very big. You can expect to harvest 20 to 30+ pods per plant depending on their size and whether they’re allowed to remain on the plant as long as possible.

The pods are ready to harvest when they are about 2-4 inches long (this will vary by variety). If you let them grow even longer than that, the pods will become fibrous and stringy.

The okra pod is an elongated tube.

An okra pod is an elongated tube that can be green when immature and yellow or white when mature.

The pods are edible and have a mucilaginous texture, which means they are slimy. They’re popular in many cuisines including African, Asian, Caribbean and Mediterranean cultures.

Okra pods can grow to be rather large, up to 12 inches long.

Okra plants can grow to be rather large, up to 12 inches long. If you have a small garden or desire a space-saving plant, you may want to consider an alternative like bush beans or dwarf tomatoes.

However, if you have the space and want healthy, productive crops of okra pods, then plant your seeds and watch them grow.

If you’re growing in containers: Add plenty of compost and fertilizer prior to planting so that your container soil will be nutrient rich enough for young plants.

Make sure there is adequate drainage by using potting mix with perlite or vermiculite added into it.

Planting okra in containers is not recommended unless they are watered regularly given their requirements for moist but well drained soil conditions.

If you let them get this big, the pods will become fibrous and stringy.

This is a good time to harvest them if you want to make pickles or relish. If you’re trying to grow okra for eating fresh, though, it might be better to pinch off the pods before they get too large. 

The larger they are when they develop seeds inside them (which makes them not so edible), the more fibrous they’ll be overall.

In addition to being less enjoyable in texture and taste, these overgrown pods will also take up more space than their smaller counterparts do—and that could mean fewer vegetables for yourself.

It’s best to pick the pods when they are about 2-4 inches long for the best taste and texture.

Okra plants can grow to be quite tall, but they also spread out and produce many pods at the same time.

When these pods are still small, they have a tender texture and a wonderful flavor that isn’t as strong and bitter as the larger ones.

It’s best to pick the pods when they are about 2-4 inches long for the best taste and texture.


Okra plants can be grown in the home garden in pots or in the ground. Okra plants are very easy to grow, and they don’t take much attention. If you love okra, then you will want to plant some of these plants for yourself. Okra plants can get tall.