Growth Stages of Tomato, Development & Life Cycle

Growth Stages of Tomato, Development, Life Cycle

Knowing the growth stages of tomato will help the growers grow them well.

Here are things you need to know about how this plant grows from seeds up to harvesting.

The tomato plant is very popular in many countries. There are cherry tomatoes, heirloom, and other varieties when you see the tomato growth and development from seeds up to their mature stage.

It is great to be informed and know how it is growing. So let’s dig up on the growth stages of tomato, development, and life cycle.

Stage 1: Tomato Seed

The first growth stages of tomato are in the form of a seed. The tomato seed characteristics are very small in size. It is round to oblong in shape, white to brown, and has a little to no smell. It is light and has a smooth texture.

The seed phase is considered the beginning stage because a new plant grows and develops.

Also, most of the plants have seeds where they start their journey. The tomato will grow quickly when you plant it on the ground. There are many techniques on how to do it. You can buy tomato seeds from the local store, online store, or buy fruit, cut it in half, and then get the seeds out.

Stage 2: Germinating

Germinating phase is the second growth stages of tomatoes. The seed grows a tiny white root. Usually, the tomato seeds germinate around 2 to 6 days.

The tomato farmers or planters need to pick or buy quality seeds to have a high percentage of germination. You can also apply the strategy used to germinate and grow tomatoes.

This one example of strategy or technique is by soaking it under the water for 15 to 24 hours. Then put it on a cloth or tissue paper inside a closed zip bag.

And after a few days, you will see a good percentage of germination. Usually, in one to two days, you will see white roots. The root grows immediately.

Overall this stage is about the root development of tomatoes. There are many varieties of tomatoes you can choose from.

Stage 3: Tomato Seedlings

The third growth stages of tomato is the seeds develop into a seedling. A young tomato seedling grows roots and appears few leaves, and it also has a smooth stem. It is about 2 to 3 weeks old.

The tomato seedling needs to care to protect them from the animals. You need to water it carefully so that it will grow faster. The sunlight will help to improve its growth. And also, compost or manure is best to mix on the soil.

The overall third stage is about root and leaf development.

Stage 4: Young Plant

In the fourth growth stage of tomato, it develops into a young plant. A young plant grows more leaves, roots, and stems. As you can see, there are more than seven+ leaves, and the stem becomes bigger.

A young tomato plant grows tall with about a few inches in height. When the tomato develops into a young plant, it needs adequate water. Water is very important for tomatoes.

The water will help to grow it bigger. Yes, it help. Also, tomato loves sunlight to produce their food through photosynthesis. So plant it in an open area where the sun is available. It needs at least 6 hours of a direct hit of the sun.

In terms of fertilizer, you also need to start applying fertilizer. Why? The fertilizer will help to grow it well. What to apply? You can apply inorganic fertilizer, but it is also great to use organic fertilizer since it is eco-friendly and has no chemical content.

Organic ones are the best for our environment. Try compost, manure, or vermicompost as an alternative to organic fertilizer.

Stage 5: Mature Plant

The fifth growth stages of tomatoes are the plant continues to grow well. Let’s see. During this stage, the plant develops more leaves, stems, and roots; then those parts harden and can start blooming/flowering. The tomato plant is prepared and ready to produce its fruits.

Tomato leaves are thicker, the stem is bigger, and the roots are becoming more and longer. Here’s what you need. You need to apply the requirements of the plants for them to grow much better. What are they?

It needs more water and organic fertilizer. The plants will become healthy. You can also put some mulch to maintain its moisture. It will prevent the water from evaporating.

But it would help if you also were a reasonable observer. Don’t let the soil be too moist to prevent root rot. There is a disease on the plants that once you overwater it, the roots will decay or rot. And eventually will cause to be stunted and stop growing.

Stage 6 : Blooming

The six growth stages of the tomato plant started to bloom or flower. The beautiful small yellow flowers started to appear. During this time, the plant is already three months old (depending on the variety).

You need to apply enough water, sunlight, and fertilizer. Also, removing the weeds around the plant will help so that the nutrients will not be stolen and consumed only by the plants. They are the main enemy of your plants.

The blooming stage is one of the best stages because the plant started to produce flowers, and it is very glad to see that it happened to your plants. When you go home, it will relieve your stress and make you happy even more. Growing bunches of tomatoes at home it’s very relaxing. This stage is about tomato flower development.

Stage 7: Fruiting time

The Tomato fruiting stage is a stage where the growers feel happier. The tomato flowers develop into fruits. It needs around three to four months before you see tomato fruits. It is very relaxing and enjoyable to see your plants producing fruits.

After the next few weeks, you can now start harvesting tomatoes. Let it a few days before you pick to maintain its sweetness.

Stage 8: Drying Phase

In this stage, the tomato plants turn brown and begin to dry. The plant will fall and then dry. It will happen because the plant stops flowering and producing fruits. You need to remove it and prepare for your next planting.

Stage 9: Decaying

The plants are decaying, but you can use the decay plants as fertilizer. Let it decompose on the soil for a few weeks, and here you go, you can grow new seeds again. You can use seeds on the tomato fruit you harvest. You need to prepare your seeds and grow new plants again. There are many seeds which you can use again and again.

Thank you for reading this article about the growth stages of tomatoes. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this whole stuff. I hope you learn something coming from us even as little as possible. Thank you and good day.