Growing A Lime Tree Indoors

There are many kinds of citrus that surely you will love. It is common for the citruses to taste sour but even if they are sour it brings vitamins and minerals which are good for health.

If you love citruses and at the same time you like growing citruses, then you might be one of those people who grows a lime tree at home.

Growing a lime tree can be done indoors or outdoors. Most big limes are grown outdoors because they grow 15 to 20 feet tall which is difficult to grow inside the house.

While smaller lime trees can really be grown indoors since they don’t grow too tall. But what are the steps in growing a lime tree indoors?

Growing A Lime Tree Indoors

Which Lime Varieties To Grow?

You need to look first for a lime variety to grow that will suit your location and a variety that doesn’t grow so tall. There are many varieties you can choose from.

Look for dwarf lime trees as much as possible because they are just growing 8 to 10 feet (2.4 to 3 meters). These kinds of limes really fit indoors and will be fine to grow in containers.

If there are many other people who grow limes in your location, you can probably grow lime trees pretty easily. This tree grows well with temperatures between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (18 to 29 degrees Celsius).

Persian lime tree, Key lime tree, Key Limequat tree, and Kaffir lime tree are some of the varieties you can grow indoors. Just look for dwarf varieties and they can be grown inside the house.

Which Method To Use: Through Lime Seeds Or Buying A Tree?

You can grow a lime tree either from seeds or through an already grown tree bought from a nursery. Growing a lime tree from a seed is possible but it is a little bit slower.

When you grow a lime tree from seed it will take time for the seed to germinate and for the tree to bear fruits. The seed will take a few weeks before it sprouts and around three to six years up to 10 years before it fruit.

If you buy limes at a store and use and germinate the seeds, there is a high chance that most of them will not germinate. Most limes are harvested when they are green and because of that, their seeds are not yet mature.

Another thing is the lime tree you grow from seed might not produce the same fruit that you want. If you use seeds from hybrid lime trees it probably gives you different fruits.

If you want to grow a lime tree from seeds successfully, you must find true to type seeds because they will give you the same fruit as the parent tree.

You can try to ask from nurseries near your location if they have this kind of seed. If you have the lime seeds you can now start growing them.

Steps In Growing A Lime Tree Indoors From Seed

If you extract the seeds from a lime fruit, you need to wash them and remove the flesh left on the seeds. Just make sure the covering will not be removed from the seeds.

Now, get a container or a plastic bag and fill them with soil. A well-draining soil is great to use to help the seeds germinate fast. Plant the lime seeds 0.25 to 0.5 inch in the soil.

Water them after but not too soggy and then place the container or plastic bag in a warm place but out of direct sunlight. The seeds will germinate in three weeks.

When the lime seedlings are six inches tall, you can transfer them to containers with enough space individually. Throughout their journey, the lime trees will grow well when they are getting enough sunlight, water, and nutrients.

The lime trees grown from seeds will give you fruits within three to six years or it can take 10 years before they produce fruits.

But if you are going to buy an already grown lime tree it will bear fruits much faster and will give you a high chance of getting fruits.

You can buy several dwarf lime trees from nurseries which you can place indoors.

Growing An Already Grown Lime Tree Indoors Bought From Store

Buying an already grown lime tree will give you fruits way faster than growing from seeds. The tree will give you fruits within two to three years or much earlier.

Most trees at the nurseries are high-quality. They cared well for these trees like lime and it will be worth it to buy one from them.

Once you have lime trees, you can place them indoors and wait for them to produce fruits. It will cost you some money but it will give you a lot of fruit in the long run.

In order for the trees to give you fruits, you need to give them excellent care and make sure they are getting their needs.

Caring For Lime Trees Indoors


Placing lime trees indoors is quite challenging. Sunlight is not available at all times which makes it difficult for the tree to get light.

The lime trees must get at least 6 hours of sunlight per day but more hours will be better. Place lime trees in a place where sunlight is abundant.

It is good to place them near the window because commonly it is a spot where sunlight is available for hours.

Or if you can, try moving the tree outdoors during the day and bring them inside during the night.


Give the lime tree an inch of water per week but don’t let it be too soggy. Overwatering can cause root rot which will affect the overall condition of the tree.

Also, underwatering can also cause problems like dropping leaves on lime trees indoors so you must observe the tree regularly. Check the soil by pressing your finger two to three inches deep.

If the soil is dry give the tree water but if still moist you don’t need it. Commonly soils in containers dry fast but if there is no good drainage, waterlogging can happen.


Feed your tree with a high-nitrogen fertilizer to thrive well. The nitrogen will help the lime tree in good condition because that element will make foliage healthy.

It will keep the foliage green and leaves will be prevented from turning yellow. Also, fertilizer will help the tree produce flowers and fruits.


Indoor lime trees need to be hand-pollinated because air indoors is not available at all times and there are no pollinators.

You can use a brush or use a flower and brush it to pollinate other flowers.

Lime trees are self-fruitful but you need to do hand-pollination to increase the production of fruits.


Can You Grow A Dwarf Lime Tree Indoors?

Yes, a lime tree can be grown indoors. When cold weather comes it is better to bring lime trees indoors to keep them warm. You can even buy and use LED grow lights to keep them thriving even if they are placed indoors.

Do Indoor Lime Trees Produce Fruit?

Yes, indoor lime trees are capable of producing fruits. This tree is self-fruitful and it will bear fruits. Applying fertilizer will also help trees bear fruits. You can also do hand pollination to increase the pollinated flowers which can increase fruit production.

Are Lime Trees Easy To Grow Indoors?

The lime trees are not difficult to grow indoors as long as they are getting enough water, sunlight, and fertilizer. It will be easy for the tree to grow when they are receiving their needs regularly. Lime trees will not thrive well when they are lacking sunlight, water, and nutrients.