Eggplant Companion Plants

eggplant companion plants

What are some of the best eggplant companion plants? When you have a garden sometimes you want to grow other plants besides your eggplant plant. You want to grow different plants to maximize the garden space.

But growing plants besides eggplant is sometimes challenging because not all plants will grow together with eggplant. You need to look for suitable plants that will go together with this plant. When everything is going well you can achieve a good harvest from eggplant and other crops.

Eggplant Companion Plants

What to plant next to eggplant? There are some great companion plants that you can grow with an eggplant such as peas, beans, radish, okra, onions, garlic, pepper, tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, marigolds, oregano, catnip, chamomile, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, and lavender.

These plants can grow with eggplant and some of these plants may repel pests which will keep the eggplant pests free. Also, there are plants that will attract pollinators to the plant which is also great even if the eggplants are self-fertile, the pollinators like bees will still help the plant.

You will harvest eggplants great when the plant grows healthy. Also, when other plants mature and produce fruits it will double the foods you can get from the plants in your garden.


Can you plant peas with eggplant? Yes, peas are a good companion plant with eggplant. This plant will improve the nitrogen content in the soil which will improve the eggplant growth stages.

Peas plant fixes the nitrogen in the soil which helps the eggplant to grow better. Nitrogen is an important element to keep the leaves healthy which makes the plant create more food. Just make sure the peas don’t shade the eggplant of their long vine.


Can you plant beans and eggplant together? Yes, beans and eggplant can be planted together. Just like peas, beans will also improve the nitrogen content in the soil. Both peas and beans fix the nitrogen which is great.

You just need to be careful in growing beans and make sure that it will not create a big shade that will block sunlight away from eggplant. A good spacing for eggplant is important. Also, don’t grow beans with catnip because they will not grow well together.


Can you plant radish and eggplant together? Yes, radish and eggplant can be planted together. The radishes are growing under the ground while the eggplant fruits are growing on the plant.

The eggplant needs sunlight to grow and the radishes are a good companion plant because they will not block the sunlight much.


Okra is also a good companion with eggplant. The okra and eggplant are almost similar in the days they will bloom and fruit. The length of blooming and fruiting will also depend on the varieties and other factors.

When eggplant blooms, it will be more exciting because the fruits will appear sooner. On the other hand, the okra pods will also show up very soon.


Onions can be a good companion plant because they can control pests on eggplant. Having pests on any plant is sometimes just normal.

There are bugs that may attack the plant but because of the odor of the onions, those bugs don’t roam much on plants.


Just like an onion, garlic can also be a good companion plant for eggplant. The garlic can deter pests which makes eggplant pest free.

Garlic takes time to grow. It will reach a few months before harvesting which they can deter pests in a little bit of time.


Pepper is a good ingredient that will make dishes taste great. You can grow sweet pepper and hot pepper together with eggplant.

This plant will fit to grow with eggplants in the garden. The nutrients of these plants are almost just similar which if you apply fertilizer on eggplant is almost beneficial also for peppers.


If you are looking for good companion plants for eggplant then tomato is a good plant to grow. The eggplant and tomato have a little bit similar in growing time.

It may take three to four months for both these plants to fruit. It will be a great harvest to come for both of these plants.


Spinach can be a ground cover for eggplant. The spinach can help to keep the soil moisture. This plant has good foliage which will block the sun to dry the soil.

It is good to grow green leafy vegetables that have a lot of vitamins and minerals. The lifespan of eggplant will be in good condition.


Many people really like potatoes. If you have a little bit small garden, then you can grow potatoes with eggplant. In that way, you will maximize the limited space you have in the garden.

When you water the eggplant, the potatoes will also be benefited. Potatoes taste delicious and surely you will also enjoy eggplant.


Some of the good companion plants for eggplant are herbs. Some great herbs to grow with eggplant are marigolds, oregano, catnip, rosemary, thyme, chamomile, cilantro, and lavender.

The herbs can be useful to control pests in eggplant plants. The aroma coming from herbs can deter pests. Pests can cause curling leaves on eggplant which can be prevented once you grow some herbs near the eggplant.

What not to plant near eggplant? Do not plant Fennel and Geraniums near the eggplant. These plants will compete much with nutrients, and water in the soil.

If you want to make your eggplants grow bests, you need to look for other plants that are not affecting the growth of eggplant.

It is great to know what are the eggplant companion plants. Some of those plants are peas, beans, radish, okra, onions, garlic, pepper, tomatoes, spinach, and potatoes.

You can also grow herbs near eggplant like marigolds, oregano, catnip, chamomile, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, and lavender. It is great to find out what are some good companion plants for eggplant in the garden. Just keep in mind that if you are going to grow heavy feeder plants together with eggplant, you must increase the amount of nutrients, and water given to the plants to keep them thriving well.