Does Eggplant Have Seeds?

Does eggplant have seeds? Eggplants have seeds, but the seeds of eggplant may not be large.

The “seeds” are actually clusters of tiny fruit called ovaries that contain seed-like cells (called ovules). These structures give rise to flowers after fertilization by pollen from another plant, which can occur through self-pollination if there is no wind or animal pollinator nearby (for example a bee).

But the seeds of eggplant may not be large

The seeds of eggplant are small and black. They are not large. If you wanted to plant a seed in the ground, it would not be very easy because they are so small.

If you were going to do that, use some kind of soil mixture instead of just putting earth into the ground because otherwise you might have trouble getting your seed buried and growing out successfully.

But they are definitely there

As far as seeds go, eggplant’s are not large, but they can be difficult to see. The other thing that makes them hard to spot is that the fruit itself is black and dark purple in color and has no distinct shape or markings like many other vegetables such as tomatoes or peppers do (although some varieties have stripes).

So when you cut open an eggplant and see no seeds inside it can be confusing.

Does Eggplant Have Seeds? Eggplants have seeds

Eggplant does have seeds. These seeds are small and not visible to the naked eye, but they’re definitely there.

The most common way of cooking an eggplant is to bake it whole on a baking sheet with some olive oil until tender and soft (about 30 minutes at 350°F). If you want to try something different than this method though, then here are a few suggestions:

Roast your eggplant whole over medium heat in an open grill or under your broiler until soft all over – about 10 minutes per side; don’t let it burn though.

Peel off the skin before slicing open through one end lengthwise (you’ll see what I mean).

Scoop out some of the flesh with a spoon first then cut slices across for easier serving later on if desired – try serving these slices as open sandwiches topped off with cheese cubes instead. This works well alongside some fresh bread slices too.

Conclusion: Does Eggplant Have Seeds?

Eggplants have seeds and they are so small compared to other plants. You can use these seeds to grow eggplants and make your vegetable garden full of eggplants.