Do Watermelons Come Back Every Year?

Know about do watermelons come back every year? Watermelons are annuals and they do not come back every year. This means that you are not able to get a lot of watermelons throughout the year from a single plant and you need to replant watermelons.

Do watermelons come back every year?

Watermelons are annuals and not perennials.

Annual plants only live for a short period of time and just like watermelons they only live for a short time. The watermelons take about 70 to 100 days to grow and harvest from seeds and when watermelons produce fruits they will slowly stop growing after a few weeks.

The leaves of watermelon will slowly turn yellow and become brown. The vines also become brown and dry. After a few weeks, the whole plant will decay and will mix in the soil.

This plant will not come back and replanting is needed to continue getting fruits. But even if watermelons are annuals and don’t last for long, you can still enjoy getting a lot of fruits when you grow a lot of watermelons because the plants grow quickly.

The seeds of watermelon germinate easily and the plant matures fast. You can harvest watermelons as early as 70 days for some varieties.

How to get watermelons throughout the year?

If you want to get watermelons from your plants throughout the year you need to plant many watermelons every month or every few months.

The watermelons mature in two-three months so you need to plan and sow the seeds at the right time. When you grow a lot of watermelons regularly you can achieve harvest fruits every month.

This is achievable if you have the spacing to grow a lot of watermelons. When there is a good space the plants will grow bigger and faster because when you grow watermelons very close to each other they will compete for the nutrients and water and they might shade each other to get light which can cause them to grow poorer.

Watermelons can also be planted in the containers as long as they are of good size. Containers of good size help the watermelon roots spread and get longer.

When watermelons are growing well you can harvest big fruits from each plant. And since you are growing watermelons every month you can get fruits throughout the year.

Is there a watermelon that comes back every year?

No, there is no watermelon that comes back every year because commonly watermelons are annuals and not perennials or biennials.

You can only get a few fruits from a single watermelon plant and after it produces fruits the plant will stop growing and slowly turn brown and dry. Most vine plants just like watermelon don’t come back and they need to be replanted.

But the good thing is watermelons grow fast and can be planted in zone 2-11. There are also many varieties that can be grown depending on the available varieties in your location.

So even if watermelons stop growing after it produces fruits, you can still get fruits fast when you grow new plants.

Those are some information about do watermelons come back every year.