11 Best Fruits to Grow in the Philippines (Tropical Delights: Growing Exquisite Fruits)

Best Fruits to Grow in the Philippines

Today, know what are the best fruits to grow in the Philippines. Even you are a newbie or pro in gardening, some cases of growing fruits didn’t work. You apply fertilizer, you water it every day, try new techniques but nothing seems to work. Indeed you give up and didn’t try again.

But do you know why it happens? It’s because the fruit you try to plant is not suitable in your location. You need to pick those fruits which are capable of growing in your location, so if you are living in the Ph, here is the list of best fruits to grow in the Philippines.

So, what are the best fruits to grow in the Philippines?

  • Mangoes.
  • Banana.
  • Papaya.
  • Avocado.
  • Guyabano.
  • Jackfruit.
  • Guava.
  • Santol.
  • Durian.
  • Watermelon.
  • Lanzones.

1. Mangoes

“The National Fruit of the Philippines”. The mangoes are growing throughout the country. The Philippines has a tropical climate in which it suits to grow mangoes.

The mangoes have a heart shape and have a delicious taste. You can find the mango capital of the Philippines in Guimaras. In that place, you can taste the sweetest mangoes in the country.

The mangoes are growing in most parts of the country but in Guimaras will find different tastes in mangoes.

The mangoes are green when not ripe and yellow when fully ripe. There are varieties of mango in the Philippines the Indian mango and carabao mango.

Why this fruit is best to grow? It’s because it grows well in the Philippines. As if you try to imagine in most of the country you will see mango trees.

The climate helps a lot because this fruit tree needs more sunlight and because of that sunlight it grows well.

To grow mangoes needs more time and effort. It takes more years to grow and to harvest young mango fruit. You need to wait for almost 10+ years before you harvest the fresh young mango fruits.

2. Banana

The banana is one of a kind. This has many health benefits and it makes people happy.

The banana fruit is also best to grow in the Philippines. Like mangoes, bananas also can be seen throughout the country. It easily grows and you can see banana trees anywhere else.

There are varieties of bananas in the Philippines like Lakatan, Latundan, Señorita, Saba, etc.

Growing this fruit would be easy. You just need to get some small banana tree and then plant it on the ground. The higher your soil the better it will bear fruits.

As if you notice when the banana tree is planted on a flat ground it doesn’t bear more fruits. But when you put more soil like a small hill it bears more bananas. Also when the soil is regularly moist it helps for more fruits to show.

You can find out the sweetest banana in the country. So try to grow banana fruit in your yard.

3. Papaya

Papaya is a fruit that grows well in most parts of the world. This is also growing in the Philippines.

Papaya grows well in loam soil. It needs more sunlight to produce healthy leaves and abundant fruit. The papaya tree can be treated as vegetables and fruit. Filipinos cooked the green papaya with coconut milk. They mix some sardines bought from the store.

This is easy to grow because of the climate. There are bigger and smaller kinds of papaya. There are tall and dwarf size varieties of papaya that you can plant in the country.

Growing papaya takes years before it bears fruits. You need to directly plant it on the ground as it doesn’t grow well when you apply to transplant. Water it regularly and needs more nutrients to grow well. You can put some organic fertilizer as it will help to grow even better.

4. Avocado

The avocado also grows well in the country. Do you already know this fruit? Do you ever have the experience to taste this?

This fruit is sweet. It is green when not ripe and brown to red-violet color when ripe. The color of the inside is green to yellowish. This has a big seed.

Growing this would be easy but you need to wait for years before you harvest the first fruit.

Avocado is rich in fiber. This is good for our body. But it takes too long before it bears fruit. Almost more or less 10 years of waiting before it produces flowers. Those flowers will turn into fruits.

The avocado is green when not ripe and turns into something red-violet in color. It has hard seeds inside. This will be best to plant as it is suitable to grow in the country.

5. Guyabano

Guyabano or soursop has many health benefits. It can help the body to be strong. People should eat guyabano.

This fruit has a spiny fruit appearance but has soft thorns. It looks like a heart in some angles. The seeds of it are hard and color black.

The taste of it is sweet and sour. The tree is growing around 20 to 25 feet high.

Growing guyabano needs some effort. Growing the seeds doesn’t have a guarantee have a high germination percentage. But the good thing is when you have the seedlings you can grow them well. Make sure to put it where the sunlight is abundant to have maximum growth.

6. Jackfruit

Jackfruit or langka in Tagalog. This is also a fruit which has a delicious taste. When it is ripe it is color yellow and the best to eat.

The jack fruit is also treated as vegetables. They remove the peel and make it into small pieces. Then they mix some coconut milk and cook. This is best when you mix some sardines, so yummy.

Growing this from seeds is easy. You must dry it first under the sun and grow it first on some gardening plastic or containers before you plant it in its final location. It needs more years before you harvest the fruit.

7. Guava

Guava or bayabas in Tagalog. This is also easy to grow fruit in the country. There are bigger and smaller size guavas that you can find in the country. Guavas have a delicious taste and it also use to make guava jam.

Aside from that, it has many health benefits that can help our body. This has Vitamin C which is very important for our body to protect us from any kind of disease.

The best way to grow this is through air layering or budding. In which you will pick some old small stem then remove the skin of it. After that put some plastic and put soil inside. Tie it with some string and water it after. After three months it will grow more roots and you can cut it from mother guava and plant it on the ground. You can also grow this through seeds.

This grows well in the country but only some people are growing this as most are growing other kinds of fruit, vegetable, and flowers.

8. Santol

Santol is also a fruit that grows well in the country. There is small and bigger size fruit. There are sweet and sour.

The tropical climate helps this tree to grow well. It needs more sunlight to produce more healthy leaves and abundant fruits.

Many Filipinos eat it, but do you know that it can be treated as a vegetable? Filipinos use it in sinigang. Or they make it into tiny pieces and put some peppers. Through that, they have now foods to eat.

Growing this fruit is easy but you need to wait for a few more years before you harvest your fruits.

9. Durian

Durian mainly grows in Mindanao. It has some bad smell but it has a delicious taste.

Many people want it to eat as really you will miss the Philippines if you do not eat durian.

Durian grows in Mindanao and that is the only place we know. We don’t know if some farmers grow in Visayas and Luzon.
So we will update this if it is capable to grow durian in Luzon and Visayas.

Having a tropical climate helps the durian to grow well.

10. Watermelon

The watermelon or pakwan in Tagalog is one of the best fruits to grow in the Philippines. During the summertime, it’s too hot and watermelon is one of the refreshing fruits you can eat. It has less sugar and pure water content which can give you extra energy.

The inside of the watermelon is red with some small black seeds. This is best to grow during sunny days and will produce more watermelon fruits. You can sell it and make an extra income.

When we see some farmers growing watermelon, they have a wide farm. Then they have many seeds, they started to broadcast them to the field. Then it starts to grow after some weeks.

The way of their growth is very easy, you need just to throw it away on the farm and then it will just start to germinate and grow. But seems it will not have a high percentage of germinating as throwing it away and waiting for some seeds to grow.

You can grow it well by getting more watermelon seeds, then germinating them inside a seed tray. When they have enough size, do transplanting. It will have a high chance of growth.

It needs more sunlight and water in order to grow well.

11. Lanzones

Lanzones is one of our favorite. We go to the city just to buy this fruit. We have lanzones that time in our backyard but it doesn’t bear fruits. Some said it is a male lanzones so it will not bear fruits.

But if you still want to grow this fruit then you can. The climate is not a problem because you can get more sunlight in the Philippines. Plus apply fertilizer so that it will grow well.

The fruit of it is small and also has a little bit bigger size of seeds compared to the size of its fruit.

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