Why Are Gumamela Leaves Turning Yellow?

Growing gumamela can make surroundings beautiful because this plant produces beautiful flowers. But growing gumamela is challenging when its leaves turn yellow. But the good thing is when this plant grows well it will not get a lot of yellow leaves. Keeping gumamela leaves green instead of yellow is important so that the plant will … Read more

Why Are Bougainvillea Leaves Turning Yellow?

Bougainvilleas are wonderful that produce beautiful flowers. But it’s quite frustrating when you see that there are many yellow leaves on bougainvilleas. When there are many yellow leaves, bougainvilleas cannot produce enough food because the leaves are not functioning well which makes it hard for them to convert sunlight into food. But what are the … Read more

Why Are Sampaguita Leaves Turning Yellow?

Sampaguita is a beautiful flower that has a fragrant smell. Many gardeners grow this flower in their garden but it will be difficult to care especially when there are many yellow leaves growing on the plant. The plant must avoid getting lots of yellow leaves so that it can produce more flowers. But what are … Read more

Why Are Banana Leaves Turning Yellow?

Bananas are delicious to eat and rich in vitamins and minerals. That is why it is great to grow bananas but one problem that you may face is yellowing leaves. The banana tree doesn’t get yellow leaves often but if they do it can affect their growth. When the leaves are yellow it can cause … Read more

Why Are Lime Tree Leaves Turning Yellow?

The lime tree is a citrus that produces sour fruits. It is a good fruit tree to grow at home but you may face some problems like yellowing of leaves in growing this tree. You need to take care of your lime tree well to prevent problems like the yellowing of leaves. What are the … Read more

Why Are Pineapple Leaves Turning Yellow?

Pineapples are delicious to eat and they are rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin c and fiber. Growing pineapples take time and you need to wait around 2 years before you can harvest the fruit. Aside from that, there are problems that you may encounter like yellowing leaves. Pineapple plants can get yellow leaves … Read more

Can Watermelons Get Blossom End Rot?

Yes, watermelons can get blossom end rot. Blossom end rot happens because of some factors which make the fruits rotten on the end part. It is frustrating when you see that a lot of your watermelons are affected. But why do watermelons get blossom end rot? What are the causes of blossom end rot on … Read more

Do Watermelons Ripen Off The Vine?

No, watermelons don’t ripen off the vine. You need to let and wait for the watermelons to ripen before getting and harvesting them. When you harvest watermelons too early they will not taste great. They are not sweet and you will not enjoy consuming them. The watermelons take time to grow, mature, and ripen. The … Read more

What Are Watermelon Leaves Sticky?

Watermelons are delicious, but they can be tricky to grow. If you notice that your watermelon leaves are sticky, there are a few reasons for this. While some of these issues can be fixed. Here’s what causes sticky leaves on watermelons: Watermelon leaves over watered Watermelon leaves are a sign of over-watering, which can be … Read more

Why Are Watermelon Leaves Turning Yellow?

Watermelons are one of the biggest summertime delights. They’re juicy, delicious, and full of vitamins. But if something goes wrong with your watermelon plant, it can cause a lot more than just a little annoyance for you. Watermelon leaves turning yellow is one of the problems that a plant may suffer, but fortunately, there are … Read more