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Pechay Plant

Pechay plant. This plant is very popular in Asian countries especially in the Philippines. It is widely being cultivated because it is very easy to grow. Know what is pechay plant. Pechay Definiton What is pechay definition? Pechay is called bokchoy, pakchoi, Chinese white cabbage snow cabbage, or petsay in tagalog. Its scientific name is […]

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What is Bougainvillea Characteristic

What is Bougainvillea Characteristic. The bougainvillea becomes popular in many locations in the world. This beautiful flower have different varieties. People buy bougainvilleas online for their collection. If you wants to buy bougainvilleas then find flower store near your location. But today’s topic is about the bougainvillea characteristic. What is Bougainvillea Characteristic? It has a […]

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