Are Peach Tree Roots Invasive?

are peach tree roots invasive

Peach is a deciduous tree that producing delicious fruit. Their lovely flowers and fruits make them a great trees to grow at home. It is beautiful when the late fall or early winter comes, as their colorful leaves start to shed. If you are growing peach tree, you need to be aware of its part as some of pest and disease might attack. Like the roots, are peach tree roots invasive?

No, peach tree roots are not invasive. But even not invasive they still need some space around 10 to 20 ft (3 to 6 m). The peach tree are good to grow and will not damage the house, sidewalk and street by its root.

If you are considering to grow peach at your yard, you need first to know if the tree is invasive or not. Since it is not invasive you can assure that it will not cause some damage to your house or street. There are invasive tree which are not grow to grow especially near the house because it will damage it using its root.

How Do You Protect Peach Tree Roots?

Are peach tree roots invasive? No, but there are some disease that attack and damage the root of peach like the Phytophthora which causing rot. The pathogens live under the soil which make it hard to notice but with it can be save with the use of some treatment. The treatment for this disease is by using fungicides. Fungicides will help to control the fungus. When the fungus are gone, the tree will starts its recovering process.

The peach tree roots are important because the water and nutrients coming from the soil inters to it. It is the main entrance for those nutrients to goes to every parts of the tree. When it has some damages, the process will be hard and the tree will be stress.

Some other things you can do to prevent this disease is make sure that the soil will be drain. Don’t let the soil too wet for a couple of hours. You can choose a location which are drain and not prone to flooding. Suddenly floods are hard to control and will put the tree in danger.

Another way is to choose for a variety which is less susceptible to the disease. In that way if the tree is attack by the disease, the damage will be lesser. Also if the tree is resistant you will not see much damage.

Are peach tree roots invasive? No, and the good thing of that is you can see growing grasses on the foot of the tree and have some rest. But is not good for the tree because they might compete for the water and nutrients coming from the soil. You can remove those grasses using some gardening tools.

Those are some informations about are peach tree roots invasive. It is not invasive and it will not cause damages. The roots are just small and will not affect the foundations.