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7 Growth Stages of String Beans, Life Cycle

Growth Stages of String Beans, Life Cycle

Today, know what are the growth stages of string beans, life cycle. There are many vines growing in the world and one of it is string beans. The string beans grows well in the tropical country. This is because in tropical country, there’s abundant of sunlight that needed most of all kinds of plants. Growing string beans is easy. But today’s topic is about the growth stages of string beans.

So, what are the growth stages of string beans?

  1. Seed
  2. Germinating
  3. Young Seedling
  4. Older Vine
  5. Flowering
  6. Pods Bearing
  7. Harvesting

Stage 1. Seed

During this stage the string beans is just a small, indigo color seed. The seed phase is the beginning of the journey of the string beans.

When the string bean seeds are dry, they are small and hard enough. It has a smooth texture and when you look on it, it has a white spot on the middle of seeds. Meanwhile when the string bean seeds are wet, it becomes bigger and you will notice the significant difference compare to dry seeds.

Stage 2. Germinating

There are many seeds in each pods. Estimated that there are 5-9 seeds per pod. There are longer pods and also shorter pods.

During this stage, the string beans are started to germinate. How it happens?

When the grower starts to plant the string beans seeds, it will start to germinate. The growers prepare the soil by cultivating it, cleaning by removing the grasses, and applying fertilizer for the first phase. Then after that the planters will start planting the seeds on the soil.

When the seeds are planted and then water is being apply, the seeds will likely start germinating. The seeds will start germinating between 3-6 days. It will produce small roots and then a tiny leaves will show up soon.

Stage 3. Seedling

During this stage, the string beans is on seedling phase. When you see a seedling, it has a few numbers of leaves, the roots sprout and becomes stronger, and the vines continues to becomes longer.

During this time, the leaves are green but it is still small but likely it will becomes bigger. The vines length is around 6-12 inches long, but will add length after few weeks. The roots are small but it will grow better and stronger enough.

The seedlings need more care because it is just small and need to protect from insect and pest roaming around. You need to make sure also that there will no animals that surely will destroy your plants.

Stage 4. Older Vine

During this phase, the string beans continues to grow. In this stage the string beans has more leaves, the roots grow bigger and better, and the vines continues to grow longer and produces more vines.

You will see this time that the leaves are bigger enough compare to the seedling phase. This has a green in color and pointed tips. This has a smooth in texture. Also the roots of the plant becomes stronger and continues to progress. This has color white and becomes brown after few weeks.

The vines also continues to becomes longer and adds more vines to crawl. The vines has many leaves produce and likely to grow flowers and pods soon.

Stage 5. Flower

During this stage, the vines starting to produce flowers. This tells that the vines is mature enough to produce flowers and soon will turn to pods.

The string beans flowers is a part of string beans that looks like a butterfly. This has a beautiful purple in color but seems to be small. There are many flowers produces in the edge of vines.

The flowers need to be care in order for it to grow well. There is a tendency that the flowers will fall because of many factors like wind, pest, insect and the others.

Stage 6. Pod Bearing

During this stage, the string beans starting to produce pods. This happen after 3-4 months.

The pods are produce because of the flowers. Those flowers turns into a pods after some time.

When you see a pods, it is color green and has many small bulk on the pods. This has a smooth in texture and has a good smell pods. Those bulk in the pods are the seeds. There are longer pods and also shorter. That will depends on what varieties of string beans you planted.

This time also it continues to produce more pods. It grows well and becomes bigger.

Stage 7. Harvesting

During this stage, the pods are ready to harvest. During this time, the pods are mature enough and has a hard pods.

You can harvest the string beans when the pods have a hard pods, it has a longer length and it is bigger enough.

Thank you for reading this article about growth stages of string beans, life cycle. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this whole stuff. Hope you learn something coming from us even as little as possible. Thank you and good day.

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