Urban Gardening Using Recycled Materials

Urban Garden using recycled materials

Urban Gardening Using Recycled Materials

Do you want to know how to make urban garden using recycled materials? Well in making urban garden using recycled materials you need some materials to do it well. From the containers you are going to use the plants and the setting up of your garden is very important.

So here are some and formations that will guide and answers in making your own garden using recycled materials at your home.

What are the recycled materials you can use


The cons are best to use in making an urban garden. It is solid and cannot easy to break. There are different sizes of guns that you can use and it will be suitable for different sizes of plants. For a smaller can’t you can plant a smaller plants and for bigger guns you can grow bigger size plants.

Also it is mary is he to create drainage or holes under the cons using a nails and hammer. Having a good drainage is good for the water to pass easily. This way the water will not stuck up inside the cans.


Well the tire of the vehicle like truck cars bus and even the motorcycle and bicycle are best to use in making a garden. Well there are some ways on how to use those tires in growing your plants.

Usually gardeners cut the ties into two and they put some strings or wires and they put soil inside the tires with some drainages under and hang it somewhere else. Other governors just lay it on the ground then put inside then they started growing plants inside.

Tires will be best in making a garden because it is hard and it will last long for many months and even years.

Water jug

Water jug can also be used in growing a plants. This has enough space inside that is pretty enough for the plants to sprout its roots and grow better. Since the water jug or bigger enough you can grow few smaller sized plants inside. Or one bigger enough size plant.

You can cut the upper portion of the water jug and then make some holes under, that will serve as the drainage and then put soil and then start growing seeds inside or you can also transplant plants coming from the seedbed.

If we are using water jug you must to make sure that it is recycled materials or if you have many water jugs then sure it’s a very good.


Well drums is commonly used to gather watered or sometimes it is used for storing bread. But this container can also be used in growing plants.

Since drums have bigger and not size deep hole you can grow bigger size pants there. You can grow dwarf citrus plants or dwarf papaya tree. But if you prepare vegetables then you can grow for example for tomatoes inside or two eggplant per drum.

If you will buy drums set the market it will cost you a few bucks pearl drums but if you have drums at home that you not use any more than you can use it in gardening.


Pail is also used in gathering water. But this time you can use it also in growing vegetables. The pail has also enough size deep hole that the plants can grow well inside. You need also to make sure that there are drainage or holes under so that the water will not stuck inside.

Unlike drums pail is cheaper than drums that’s why you can save a little bit money if you will buy it from the market. You can plant different kinds of plants and surely it will grow well.

Plastic bottles

Well plastic bottles are good to use in making an urban garden it’s because it has a different variety of sizes in which you can make your own design.

Use burger size plastic bottles and cut it into two. Soils inside and also make sure that it has drainage under. You can also think any other ways of how you can use plastic bottles and growing plants.


The bamboos are also great for growing plants. If you will cut the bamboos has hole inside. This hole can be used to put soil inside and then grow a seed. When do seed started growing it continues to grow and it will turn into a bigger size plant.

But there are only a few varieties of plants that you can grow because bamboos have only smaller sized hole. You can grow there sweet potato if you plan to grow it to have a wider and heavier size leaves. This will produce more leaves but the root crops will not be as good as you imagine because it has a limited size growing area.


Well people use shoes and after a few months or years it will be broken. So instead of throwing it why not use it in growing vegetables. Shoes have also smaller deep hole but you can use it and maximize throw also smaller sized plants.

Be creative and then you are ready to go.

Identifying the plants to grow


Well tomatoes is one of the most commonly plants that are being grown in a garden. This is because it is in demand at the market that’s why many people grow this. Another reason you can use tomatoes to grow in an urban garden since it need just a little bit size area.

Tomatoes are best to grow in a container because the size of the container are pretty enough to grow this kind of plant. There are many varieties of tomatoes and it will just depend upon on your location.


Well onion are also in demand especially for almost all of the people. This is being mixed to the food so that it will have a better taste. Bunions are smaller and it need just as also smaller sized land area.

So you can choose this plant to grow into your urgan garden.


Garlic is also great plan to choose. Like onion, garlic is also a smaller and which you can grow it even at the smaller containers. This will grow well better if you care will for it.

Garlic will grows well just give it a proper fertilizer sunlight watering and if you see some tests or insect then remove it right away.


Well pechay is also one of the most commonly grown vegetables specially in the Philippines. This vegetables takes around 30 days and you can start harvesting it.

This is best to grow especially in the asian country because it is commonly found their. Pechay grows well in a tropical country that’s why it needs more sunlight to grow better.

Watering it also twice a day specially when the weather is too hot is needed in order to eat to grow into its maximum. 1 small container is good for one pechay plant.


Well ginger is a rhizome and it also need a smaller sized land area. Since i need just smaller area it is good for those recycled materials like containers to grow inside.

Ginger takes years to produce its rhizome but the good thing is you don’t need much care and order for it to produce bigger and more rhizomes under the soil.


Peppers have also different varieties to choose from but the one similarities of them are they are small. Since this is small you can grow it inside the containers.

This plant will takes about 80 to 120 days before you can start harvesting it. It need also a nice sunlight a good watering and nutrients on the soil to grow it will.


Well urban gardening is just not about vegetables or trees but you can also plant flowers like roses. Roses have a fragrant smell and the colorful flowers and usually being used in an occasion.

What you need to do is to get a process with roots because growing roses through stem is a little bit hard especially for newbies. But if you have experience in growing roses then you’re good to go.


Well orchids have as fragrant smell and usually grow not in soil but in the air. You can see it or observe it that most of the kids are foot in the coconut test and hang them.

To grow orchids you need the coconut husk and orchids then put it inside the coconut husk and tie it with some strings and then hang it somewhere else. Orchids well make your house beautiful.

Dwarf citrus

If you plan to grow trees in an urban garden then to warp citrus will be best. Since it is dwarfed it will not grow bigger and like those bigger citrus.

If you are going to do this you need the biggest size container. Pail and drums will be best because it has the biggest size deep hole. The roots of that citrus will spread easily and the plants will grow better.

Dwarf papaya tree

Yes there are dwarf papaya tree in which you can grow it inside the containers. Since it is also a dwarf tree erwin also grow it inside the pail or drums. The drums or pail have a deeper size hole in which it can spread its roots.

It is better to throw the seeds inside so that it will continuous and you will not going to transplant it anymore.

Setting up the garden

You need to set up first or plan where you are going to grow the plants. Tinkler you will put those container so that it will not be damaged by person or if there are animals in your area.

You need to find where the sign light hits the most. Sunlight is the food of the plants so you need to think where you will put those plants. But in case you have a little bit area at your backyard then you can maximize it.

Caring for the plants

To care for the plants you just need to make sure that it will get at least 4 hours of direct hit of sunlight. The sunlight is the foods of ever plants so you need to make sure that it will get those sunlight.

Another thing is watering it at least once a day. Well it’s because in some cases the weather is different so watering it once a day is good. But in some places the weather is too hot so you need to water it at least twice a day.

Applying fertilizer will be also good for the plants to grow. When you have a poor soil you must apply fertilizer so that it will grow into its maximum growth. You can buy fertilizer from the market but we really recommended to use organic fertilizer because it is eco-friendly and it is safe for the human and animals.

Applying pesticides. Well if you see some rest or insect roaming around your garden then you need to apply pesticides. But since pesticides are not good to our environment you need to use it in limit.

Thank you for reading this article about Urban Gardening Using Recycled Materials. Hope you learn as little as possible. More articles will be publish and hope you come back soon. Thank you very much.